How do I update my charts?

Perhaps one of you reading this is smarter than me on this topic:

I know that charts are updated from time to time. How do I get the latest chart updates for my system? I have two different sets of charts. One set of C-Map charts, that are on a chip, for my Navnet system. And, then a second set that came on a DVD for my Nobeltec system (Passport Charts).

Historically, I haven’t kept my charts up to date. My sense is that most people don’t. I do buy the latest available charts for a region when I enter the region, but there’s no guarantee that I’m not buying a map book that has sat in the store for years. Now that I have my 100 ton master’s license, I think (but, am not sure) that I am held to a higher standard, and am expected to do things right.

When I cruise, the chart is only one of many things that are guiding me. I have two different nav software packages, one or more paper charts, the radar, cruising guides, and of course my own eyes. I spent some time tonight reading Nobeltec’s site. It is not obvious how one goes about updating the electronic charts (and, I’m a computer geek!) Or, at least it isn’t obvious to me.

I did find this site: Maybe I am supposed to visit it from time to time to review the changes and log them on the paper charts? Also, this site is for the US only. Is there something equivalent for each other country? Why is nothing ever easy?

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