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[KensBlog] A new season begins!

Roberta and I are on the boat! A new season has begun!!!   That said we just finished today’s run, and it wasn’t much of a run. We only moved the boat about thirty-six miles from Anacortes, where the mechanics had been working on the boat, to its slip at Roche Harbor in the San Juan Islands. Not to say it wasn’t an exciting run. There are a few sayings that describe the pleasures of owning a boat, one of which is that, “Boating can be described as long periods of boredom punctuated by seconds...
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[KensBlog 2017-07] Tribune Bay

Tribune Bay
It’s funny how you can be surprised on a boat. We were looking for a place to drop anchor while running south to Nanaimo and noticed a horseshoe shaped island (Hornby Island) that seemed like it had a nice big anchorage in the middle. At first we ruled it out because it was wide open to the south and the cruising guides said the anchorage could be dangerous in a south wind. The forecast was for wind from the Northwest only, which meant the wind shouldn’t be a problem. That said, we’ve been foo...
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[KensBlog 2017-06] Southward Bound

Greetings all! Roberta and I are slowly working our way south somewhat retracing steps. We need to be back home to Seattle early in September and have some places further south (like Victoria Canada) that we want to visit. Here’s a recap of some of the places we visited on our way south… Echo Bay Resort We spent a couple nights at the Echo Bay resort which we really didn’t know much about, but enjoyed our time there. Here’s a video I found on the web that describes Echo Bay better than...
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[KensBlog 2017-05] Riddle Solutions and Finding Nimmo

That teeny white dot you see is us anchored just outside Nimmo Bay. You see the resort to the right, although we couldnt see it from where we were anchored. We had the entire bay to ourselves.
Thank you to everyone who contributed all the great solutions to the riddle from my last blog entry. I’ve included your responses at the bottom of this blog entry. A brief comment about this season: Even though cold water cruising isn’t my first choice, we’re having fun! We have managed to find bays where we were 100 alone, or huge anchorages with only a couple other boats. We’ve been barbecuing, hanging out in the hot tub and exploring by tender. Cruising doesn’t get much better. And, best of...
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