Heading back to Cabo

I’m now on a plane headed to Cabo, to rejoin the boat. Merry Christmas everyone! In honor of Christmas, here’s a picture of Cabo for those of you who haven’t been there.

Below is an email update, sent a few minutes ago, from my boat.

Received Tuesday December 25 2007 at 3:53 PM GMT.
Battery voltage = 23.386 volts.
Shore power is connected.
Bilge level is OK.

 I installed a Skymate/Sentrymate system on my boat, at the suggestion of another Nordhavn owner, Scott Strickland. Whenever the shore power connected or disconnects on my boat I receive an email, and optionally, a phone call. It is extremely reassuring to know that my boat is still there and that all is well. In my case it is a little misleading, in that I shut down the shore power completely. I’ve been running most of the past month off of my generator. Skymate is interpreting the power as shore power, so I receive several emails a day as the generator turns itself on and off as needed. I’d recommend the Sentrymate system to anyone who will be leaving their boat unattended for extended periods. It also provides weather updates and text email virtually worldwide with a very simple user interface.

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