GSSR#41 – We did it!!!!

We did it!!!

The GSSR has arrived in Osaka Japan.

I have much to say about the end of the trip, but we’re all tired and in the mood to have a nice dinner, and then catch up on some SLEEP. I’ll send out a final recap sometime in the next few days.

Our final distance traveled was 5,938 nautical miles. A nautical mile is slightly longer than a normal mile, so we actually covered 6,833 miles.

We are very happy to be here…

I have a lot of people to thank, including all of you who have vicariously been along for the ride, and some fun stories to tell about our final trip. But, all of that will have to wait until my next blog. For now, I just want to go celebrate our arrival.

Thank you,
Ken Williams
Nordhavn 68, Sans Souci

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  1. Glad to see you made it OK! I really appreciate all the updates. I was able to take a trip without leaving the house! I’m looking forward to the next leg of the journey and I wish You, Roberta, and the rest of the Run a happy trip home.

  2. Congratulations on your voyage,
    Fantasy of Flight seemed interested in the liberator. Maybe you could find Amelia Earhart’s plane next? 🙂

  3. Congratulations to all of you. I can’t thank you enough for allowing all of us to follow you. It’s been amazing to read. Ken, your writing is absolutely superb. Safe travels to you all in the fututre!

  4. Ken congratulations to you and to all the GSSR boats.

    PS. In case your future route passes from Greece , I will be glad meeting you and be helpful.

  5. Richard Ludwig:

    I agree with you about steel boats. Roberta and I came very close to buying one, but then didn’t want to tangle with all the maintenance nightmares.

    My boat isn’t as top heavy as it looks. There’s a lot of weight below the waterline, with the twin engines, Atlas, twin generators, etc. The upper portion weighs very little by comparison.

    We went through as crazy a seas as I ever want to see again in the Aleutians, and I never remotely felt unsafe. The boat did an amazing job. From here on out, I want to stick to much calmer waters….

    THank you!
    -Ken Williams

  6. Congratulations to you, the other GSSR boats, and all of the crew. I remember reading a whole lot of negative comments about this trip last year, but you guys have all shown that it can be done safely and comfortably.


  7. Congratulations! I am so glad to hear you reached your goal, and thanks for visiting us here in Adak, and taking all of us along with you on your adventure! You are all still the talk of town, and we wish you only the very best! Thanks for being part of our Adak family! Take care.

  8. Congratulations upon your arrival in Osaka. We saw your vessel either here in Sidney, B.C. or in the San Juans earlier this summer. I’m slowly changing my opinion of Nordhavens (most look too top heavy to me, require stabilizers and are fibreglass)but still maintain our steel hulled vessel is more appropriate to ocean cruising. Regardless…well done and hat is off to Nordhaven. Cheers, Richard.

  9. Congratulations to all of you personally associated with the Great Suchi Run. Thanks for all the time and effort to share your pictures, stories and insights. I think I am the richer for it.
    Mike Sandiland
    Belligham, WA

  10. Its been great following you on the internet. Thank you for taking the time to keep so many of us in the loop. All is well in Marina Del Rey… Regards, Capt. Tommy P.

  11. Ken, Roberta and the entire GSSR crews – what a thrill to accomplish such a challenging goal. Like many I’m sure, I have dropped everything when one of your posts arrived in my Inbox so I could catch up on your latest progress, see the great pictures and videos, and share in your emotions as you faced seemingly ridiculous obstacles. I know you’ll write another book about this trip and that, like the others, will become part of my electronic library. I’ve had my eye on a certain N55 and had the economy not turned south, I would have been planning a first trip for my family about now. Instead, for now, I’ll have to settle for reading about your adventures, constantly reminded of my next “step up” as there are three Nordhavns on my dock in Stuart, FL!! Well Done! Bravo!!

  12. How FANTASTIC!

    What a sense of achievement, pride and joy you all must be feeling right now.
    I salute and congratulate you all for your determination, skills and courage.



  13. Congratulations and welcome to my home away from home. If you all need anything while you’re here just let me know. I know people that know stuff – including the language. Again, welcome.

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