GSSR 2010 – Quick Update – Sans Souci Alone at Sea

The GSSR is underway, although, not really.

Sans Souci is now underway, six hours into a two day passage, and running ALONE.

Grey Pearl was planned to stay behind in Taiwan, because Braun and Tina decided to do a three week tour of China, and then come to Hong Kong.

Sans Souci and Seabird left port at 07:30 this morning (it is not 2:30pm), and noticed within an hour of leaving port that Seabird’s engines and transmission were running much hotter than usual.

Seabird had to turn back. The suspicion was that growth had formed on Seabird’s keel cooler (which provides cooling to the engine) during the week we sat at port, in 90 degree water in Taiwan.

Sans Souci thought about turning back, but continued on. Our thinking was:

  • Seabird would be within radio range for most of the run back to Taiwan, and we could speak to them if needed
  • There’s a typhoon coming. By continuing forward to Hong Kong we’ll arrive at least 24 hours ahead of the typhoon. If we go back we’ll be stuck in Taiwan for several days, or more likely a week, waiting for another weather window.
  • We are running fine, and have our dog on board. In Hong Kong, Shelby (our dog) can walk around on land. She has been sick for a week and desperately needs off the boat. There is no way to clear her into Taiwan, whereas she is already approved for Hong Kong.
I just spoke to Steven (Seabird) and he took Seabird back into shallow water and dived under the boat. He could see immediately that his prop had an inch of a white chalky substance caked on his prop. The water was too rough for him to clean the prop or see his keel cooler. He made the decision to return to port in Taiwan, find a diver, and wait until after the typhoon.

Meanwhile, Sans Souci is struggling a bit. There is a current against us, and we have slowed to 5.5 knots. At this speed, our ‘time to get to port’ has risen by another 12 hours. Argh! Hopefully this is a temporary phenomena and we’ll get back to speed sometime in the next 24 hours, but I’m not hopeful. We have one crew person on board, from Hong Kong, who mentioned a sailboat that tried for Singapore last week, and had to turn back due to the strong current.

More when I know more.

Thank you,
Ken Williams
N6805, Sans Souci

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  1. Ken,

    Hope all is well, see your making progress… Hope you not having to use all 680 HP! LOL Before you answer knock on some wood, but did you get all you’re gremlins exterminated in Taiwan? Is Simon happy now? Now that your boat voyage is starting to come to a close for this year, any thoughts to upgrades over the winter months? I assume that you’re going to need haul out and a bottom job before long, or is it holding up well?

    I wish they had a script on the spot webpage to calculate speed between readings?


    PS. Side question how is the Sat TV and Vsat holding up this year? Good signal and speed throughput in Asia?

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