Going the distance

Nordhavn sent an email that they are awarding “pennants” based on how many miles you’ve gone.

The website for the “competition” is:


I was trying to guess how many miles we’ve gone and couldn’t come up with a good number, so I guessed at 12,000. The combined boat hours for our Nordhavn 62 and 68 are around 3,000 hours, which implies over 20,000 miles! But, some of that was done by delivery crews. This doesn’t include all our miles on other boats (for instance the approximate 2,000 miles a couple summers ago on our power cat in the Bahamas).

One way or the other it’s silly to think about — but, when you write a boat blog, and haven’t seen your boat in four months you sometimes have to grasp at straws to have something to write about…

-Ken W

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  1. Bill: Unfortunately, I get so many emails each day (over 1,000) that I have a fairly aggressive spam filter. A quick easy “cheat” to get email through to me is to put the word ‘kensblog’ into the subject line of your email. Anything with ‘kensblog’ goes straight to me. Otherwise, I have an auto-responder that sends a message asking you to click a link, proving you are a human. If my auto-response gets trapped by your spam filter, then we never communicate. It’s all a pain in the “you know what!”

    The problem is that I have had the same email address for 10 years, and my email address has appeared on many websites.

    It’s a total nightmare, and I REALLY need to get a new email address… but, probably will just muddle through.

    All that said…how can I help you? can you just post your question here?

    -Ken W

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