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Sonaia Hermida, from Goleen, an N57, sent this email about Survival Suits, including some fun photographs of a guest of theirs trying on her suit. I don’t know if this lady’s suit is too big, or this is just what they look like…

-Ken W


“… Hi Ken,

On the survival suit front mentioned on an older blog, we have had them since we travelled down US west coast and we have 4 on board. Chris’s and mine have our names written outside of the bag in BIG letters so if we need put them on in a hurry we would not need to be figuring out there and them which one belong to whom because as you pointed out very well, it needs to be approximately the size of who is wearing it!

They always provided me with some peace of mind in case we needed to abandon ship. HOWEVER, having them alone doesn’t save your life! One needs to be acquainted on how to put them on and specially on a hurry, which would be the case of the abandoning ship situation.

When we got them, we rehearsed on how to put them on because there is a procedure to do it, which I am sure you are aware of it.

So, Have fun trying them on because if you ultimately need to use them one day, it will not be so much fun.

Keep well,
Sonaia Hermida

PS Here are photos of one of our guests trying the suit before crossing the Atlantic. I even insisted on having a ‘formal’ conversation with the crew before departure because we had 5 people on board and only 4 survival suits and somebody would need to go without it in case of need, unfortunately. I MADE SURE that it all was talked about before hand though….”

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