Ferry taking waves

This has been emailed to me by at least five people, so I assume that everyone alive has seen these photos, but just in case you are the one person that hasn’t, check these out.

We have a house on the water in Seattle, and watch the ferries pass in front of our house many times a day. The ferry in these photos was about 20 miles north of us, but I suspect the ones closer in to Seattle had the same “fun”.

I’d hate to be a ferry captain, where you MUST go, regardless of conditions. A few years back, Roberta and I were tied up at a dock in Kirkland one night, getting slammed hard into the dock, during a bad windstorm, when an Argosy tour boat had to come into the dock. I remember seeing the boat try for 30 minutes to get to the dock and barely making it on the umpteenth try. We were sitting on the back deck later when the captain left the ship still a bit rattled by the experience. He dropped by to chat for a while and we swapped tours of each others boats. A very nice guy, in a very tough job. The interesting bit is that, earlier, we had been doing damage to the side of our boat tied to the dock (as a result of the pounding of the waves). We blew out the fenders – they literally exploded and we were on our second set. We were tied at the end of the dock, with the port side of the boat against the dock. As a last resort we decided to try dropping a “flopper stopper” (at anchor stabilization) on the starboard side of the boat. It worked! We slept well that night, and saved a LOT of damage to the boat.

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Credits     |     Video produced by: Rock Steady Media     |     Teletype photo: Arnold Reinhold     |     PDP-11 photo: Trammell Hudson