Dive Compressor and More

Jeff sent some some more pictures of the work happening on the boat.

Here’s a picture of the dive compressor.


I had originally planned a dive compressor for the boat, but then decided that the hookah system negated the need. Now that I’ve actually done some cruising, I am still happy with the hookah system, but it doesn’t replace a dive compressor. The hookah is handy for bottom cleaning, and just having fun with friends, but for any serious diving, away from the boat, tanks are a necessity.


We ordered some “fender hangers” which just came in. These allow me to hang fenders from almost anywhere along the side of the boat, rather than being limited to where I have a cleat or railing. I’m not completely convinced these were necessary, or worth the effort, but they do look cool!

Several people have asked about my new battery bank, and how it is being held in place. We installled a shelf, which is quick and easy to remove, but sits above the batteries, holding them down, and providing additional storage.

Lastly, I mentioned a few days ago the “Broadband Radar” that is coming out later this year. I spoke with the company about getting a pre-release unit to take along on the trip. They have argeed to get me a unit, which is exciting, but I just realized that it isn’t compatible with my monitors. I need to install an additional monitor, and have no idea where I’d find the space. Actually, the space is easier to find than the time to do the installation. The guys are already working nights and weekends on my boat. This may not happen, simply because we waited too late.

-Ken W

PS On small technical updates like this, I’m not going to email them out…

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  1. Sam and Ron:

    I’m going to write Navico tomorrow and pass on adding the broadband radar. It will be a REALLY sad email to type. From everything I’ve heard, the broadband radar is radically new and differnt, and a revolutionary step forward.

    The problem is that I have too much happening on the boat, and we’re going down to the last minute. I had originally thought I could just add it, and plumb it into one of my existing monitors, but it requires interfacing to one of their chart plotters. There isn’t space on my helm, or time to do the install. I’m sure they’ll make a black box version of it down the road, so I see this as a temporary issue. I’ll add it next year.


    -Ken W

  2. Ken,

    This mount looks like it would work well for the prototype radome. No holes to drill, although it is pricey:

    http://www.seasucker.com/Pr (http://www.seasucker.com/ProductCart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=10&idproduct=15)

    Perhaps there is a suction cup on that site that would allow you to attach the screen to a pilothouse window so you don’t have to drill any holes inside…

    My concern with a forward mounting would be green water coming over the bow. It would need to be pretty tough to withstand repeated exposure to green water.


  3. Owing to its potential for picking up growlers, logs, and maybe deadheads, I think that you should jury rig this new radar at least until you depart Dutch Harbor. You could power it from the windlass batteries once underway. There has got to be a way to bring the cable back to the bridge securing it with velcro on deck. I’m surprised that this little radar is furnished as a black box requiring a separate monitor, but high res monitors are really cheap these days, aibeit they are 110V powered. A computer guy could perform this task. I’d stick the antenna on a pole on the bow to maximize its potential for detecting close-in targets visually masked from the bridge. Ships and superyachts do this.

    It would be a shame to lose this opportunity after exercising the initiative you have. Idea! They want the Beta test and probably some publicity – let them install it! When Jotun wanted to test their new two-part paint on my sailboat, I suggested that they should insure both proper application and use a whole system of Jotun paints to include bottom epoxy primer and anti-fouling. They went for it! Their doing it would not impact the workers presently engaged. They can recommend an appropriate monitor for surface mount or mounting from the overhead.


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