Departure to Costa Rica, and a visit on an N62

Today was a BUSY day. Jeff Sanson, my delivery skipper who leaves tonight for Costa Rica, to bring my boat back, was with me at my home in Seattle doing final preperations for the trip.

  • I had to give him money for fuel
  • We went together to a notary, to get a power of attorney, in english and spanish, so he can clear the boat in and out of countries on the way north
  • I installed software on his computer for using my BGAN terminal to connect to the internet
  • I installed the software for OCENS which is used for downloading weather info

We checked the weather together, and at least for the moment the seas look calm. Jeff mentioned a tropical storm around Acapulco, but he won’t be there for nearly two weeks, so it should be long past.

The worst thing we saw was that he he would be bucking a 2.5 knot south bound current most of the way along the coast. It appeared that if he runs 20 or more miles offshore it may drop to a .5 knot current against him.

His plan is to start the run north on Friday…

Tonight as we were coming back from dinner I noticed a Nordhavn 62 sitting at the Elliott Bay Marina. I couldn’t resist knocking on the door, and to my surprise it was Seabird, with Steven and Carol Argosy, who we last saw in Puerto Vallarta. I haven’t been on an N62 since selling ours four years ago. It was very nice! A bit smaller than our boat, but I was immediately nostalgic.

When I asked Steven where he was off to next he shrugged and said “I don’t know. Somewhere warm.” He sounded like me! I always describe myself as a warm water cruiser, and Steven has just completed Alaska. He described it as “worth doing ONCE, but very very cold and wet.”

We’re going there next summer, but talking to Steven had me wishing we were heading to Tahiti.

Steven’s website is:

-Ken W

2 Responses

  1. Richard:

    Good point! I never thought of that… The bank had me fill out paper work to receive the cash, so the government already knows I’m exporting money out of the country to pay for fuel (actually .. we all do that indirectly).

    If the pirates are reading this, they are already too late — by now Jeff has given the money to the marina for fuel.

    I’ll be more careful what I say going forward. Thanks for the reminder.

    -Ken W

  2. Ken – You never know who may be reading your blog (Washington state revenue dept?). While many might infer that Jeff will need to have cash aboard, posting that he’s carrying a “thick wad” might not be the best idea. I doubt many potential pirates and thieves surf boating blogs but why take the chance.

    Just a constructive suggestion. I always enjoy reading your posts.



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