Days 41, 42 and 43 – the final leg – 903 miles from Gibraltar

I knew I was in trouble 15 minutes after heading to sea, when Roberta said: “Are you wearing your patch?”

I wasn’t, and it takes a couple of hours to kick in. I’m REALLY seasick; hence this will be a short update. I have a lot to say, but can’t sit up long enough to say it. I’ve been lucky thus far, other than the first day out of Fort Lauderdale. Hopefully, this will be like then, and a few hours from now I’ll be fine.
Because there are people who have family here on the fleet, who I am confident are curious how their loved ones are faring, I’ll give a quick update, just to say I have spoken to both fleets, and everyone is well. I seem to be the only semi-casualty.

There are a few mechanical problems to report. Seafox has lost all stabilizers. I spoke with them just before departure, and they were worried that they might have a problem with them. Autumn Wind is running without their autopilot. I’m VERY happy not to be on their boat. The Nordhavn 62 runs horribly under hand steering (my opinion). You can do it, but it’s exhausting. I heard they are doing one hour turns at the wheel.

Talk to you tomorrow (I hope!)


(re: Days 41, 42 and 43 – the final leg – 903 miles from Gibraltar)
Submitted 06/21/2004


I hope you are feeling better soon, not a lot of fun when sea sickness hits.

There seems to be a recurring theme (on several boats) with the stabilizers. With what seems to be tech support at each of the previous stops, there does not appeared to to be a fix.
Is there any discussion amongst the group about the source of the problems or any indications of what is causing the recurrance? Or am I over reading the issue.

Regards and many thanks for an enjoyable and entertaining blog.

John Coyle
MV Neptune

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