Day 48-Arrival Gibraltar

This update is being sent out by Ken’s dad. I just got off the phone with Ken. He told me the hotel in Gibraltar has no adapters to hook up his laptop to the internet and asked me to give a brief update on what is going on. The last hours of the trip were the bumpiest, with 40 knot winds directly into the bow of the ships with very high waves breaking over the bow of the ships. He has posted pictures to give you an idea of just how rough it was. I am soooo glad I wasn’t there. All of the ships are now docked in Gibraltar and everyone is safe and well.

They will be in Gibraltar for nine days. The “End of Rally Party” will be July 5th. Knowing Ken like I do, I’m sure he will in the next couple of days find an internet cafe and give a much more detailed report. Ken said that as rough as it got, his only fear was that someone would get hurt trying to move around in the boat.

Sans Souci plows through the waves!


(re: Day 48-Arrival Gibraltar) Submitted 06/26/2004

I’m glad everyone made it safely to Gibraltar. The last pictures of the boats in the high winds were very good. The little 40 that could, as Kirk said, made a very good picture. I look forward to seeing everyone when I arrive in Gibraltar. I’ll be there the evening of the 30th.
Until then…have fun and enjoy sightseeing…enjoy being on firm ground.

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