Day 20 – Division Two (the slower boats) leave tomorrow

I just received the weather report for the next leg of our voyage. I had heard that this next leg is normally the smoothest, but the weather report seems to think otherwise.

Specifically, the weather report is now predicting 4 – 7 foot seas and wind for the next week. As I sit here in Bermuda looking out at the water, it’s hard to imagine going to sea. We have 30 knot winds here in the harbor. Sans Souci is being pushed into the wall we’re parked against, and we’ve put fenders on the back to try to keep us off the wall. I tried to play golf this morning, and the ball either went 200+ yards, or nowhere, depending on if you were hitting into the wind, or against the wind.

It will be interesting to speak with the Division 2 boats at this time tomorrow to see how rough the waves are. Our group doesn’t leave until Tuesday, but as you can see from the weather report it isn’t much better. Nothing scary, but also nothing that looks comfortable. The patch worked well during the first leg. I guess it shall get another chance.

The good news is that the wind should be behind us, helping to push us onward, and providing a smoother ride, although, we did have a problem arriving in Bermuda with the wind behind us. The autopilot did a poor job keeping the boat straight when being pushed by the sea.

Oh well…I shall just be happy to get on with the voyage. Bermuda is a lovely place, but it’s time to get moving!

P.S. – I am sending our latest weather report from Walt Hack…

Weather Report from Walt Hack

We do note weather fronts associated with the low center will extend WSW across and just south of Bermuda Sunday – Tuesday with some “sloppy” conditions departing Bermuda on Sunday. There is the risk of some showers/thunderstorms, some of which could bring locally gusty winds late Sunday/am-aft which would affect the “SLOW GROUP”

For the SLOW GROUP departure Sunday/30th along this route expect:

Sunday/30: N-NE 10-15kt at the outset, backing NNW-WNW 12-18kt during pm. Chance strong showers/thundershowers, Sea/swell WNW-NW 5-7ft, to 8ft, 8-10sec periods.

Monday/31: Backing WNW-W 12-18kt am, then WSW-SSW 8-16kt pm. Becoming SSE-SE by midnight. Swell WNW 4-6ft, 8sec, mix ESE-SE, 3-4ft, 7sec. periods.

Tuesday/01:Veer SE-SW 10-17kt am. Swell SE 3-4ft, 7 sec & developing SW 3-5ft. 7-8 sec during Tuesday/am. Freshen SW 17-25kt, gusty pm. Swell: SW & WNW 6-8ft., period 7-8sec.

Wednesday/02: SW-WSW 17-25kt am. Swell WNW to NW 7-8ft, 7-8 sec period. Ease WSW 15-21kt, WNW-W 6-8ft, 8-9sec period pm/hrs.

Thursday/03: WSW-SW 12-20kt, Swell: W-WSW 6-7ft, 7-9 sec period. Friday/04-Saturday/05: Ease WSW 10-17kt. WSW 5-6ft, mix WNW 4-6ft

Friday. WSW-W 08-15kt, WSW & WNW 4- 5ft on Saturday.

For the FAST GROUP departure Tuesday/01st along this route expect:

Tuesday/01: SW-WSW 17-25kt, Gusty in near Thunderstorms pm/hrs. Swell WSW 5-6ft to WNW 6-7ft. 6-8sec periods.

Wednesday/02:Chance veer W-WNW 12-20kt early am. Otherwise remain WSW 15-21kt. Swell: WSW 5-7ft & WNW 4-6ft, 7-9 sec periods. Chance am showers/thundershowers.

Thursday/03: WSW 12-19kt, Swell: WSW 6-7ft, mix WNW-NW 4-5ft. 7-8sec period.

Friday/04: WSW 11-16kt, WSW 5-7ft.

Saturday/05:Veer WSW-WNW 10-15kt, WSW 4-6ft am. Back WSW 10-17kt, WSW 5- 7ft pm

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