Cygnus For Sale!

Many of you have noticed that our boat is for sale and have contacted me with questions. 

You’ve probably also noticed that I haven’t posted any blog entries this year. 

We are, and will always be, world cruisers. We spent three months or more on the boat each of the last few seasons, and just returned from a couple weeks of cruising. 

Cygnus has been exactly what we wanted in a boat. It’s fast, simple, reliable, seaworthy, and overall perfect for Roberta and I. Unfortunately, a combination of Covid and going back to work (building a video game) kept us from world cruising the past few years. I haven’t been blogging because my #1 promise to my readers has always been that, if I had nothing interesting to say, I wouldn’t post anything. We’ve been cruising within a 300 mile radius of Seattle, like thousands of other boats, whereas my blog is focused more on world cruising to off-grid places. 

The bottom line: we are thinking about going back to a heavier ocean-crossing explorer boat, and venturing to places like Polynesia where it is difficult to ship a boat. We are selling now, because the boat is still “like new”, and we don’t want to get caught owning multiple boats. It has been a tough decision and Roberta and I will be quite sad when Cygnus sells. 

As to what we’ll buy, I’m not sure. We are likely to buy a used boat. It can take two to three years to build a new boat, plus the first year on a new boat can often be dicey as you put it to the test. Now that our lives have returned somewhat to normal, we’re eager to start venturing into the unknown again. We will see what is available when it comes time for us to buy something, and if Cygnus doesn’t sell this summer we might just ship it to the Med or the Caribbean and cruise there. 

Anyway ..if anyone reading this wants to learn more about Cygnus, contact Scott Whittaker at 206-660-9741


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