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Cruising Under Power
Pacific Coasts of Mexico and Central America

  • Are you planning to cruise the Pacific Coast of Mexico or Central America?
  • Are you buying a trawler and confused about how to equip the boat?
  • Have you wondered what it is like to retire and spend months living on a trawler?
Composited from the cruising blogs of the author, while cruising from San Diego to Costa Rica, this book is far more than a travelogue. The author has dedicated himself to spreading his passion about long-distance cruising and exploration. The Pacific coast, with its’ beautiful beaches and resorts, provides an entertaining background as he describes the equipment and techniques he employs for successful passage making. You will be amused and educated as he holds nothing back, while describing his experiences with flopper stoppers, surfing sand bars, anchoring in “unusual” conditions, fishing, greedy foreign officials, jungle cruises, pirates, groundings, high winds, stubborn currents, mechanical failures, mechanical successes and more!

Available Versions:
  • Deluxe Full Color Version – $49.95
    • 244 pages, 8.5″ x 11″, perfect binding, full-colour interior ink
  • Paperback Black & White Version – $24.95
    • 234 pages, 8.5″ x 11″, perfect binding, b & w interior ink

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