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Someone just sent me this link, so I thought I’d share it:

It allows you to view all of the charts for the US free. I enjoyed playing with it, although it isn’t too practical.

I keep a copy of Nobeltec, with all of my charts, on my laptop. I’m constantly asking myself “How long a run is it from this place to that place?” I bet I have nobletec popped up on my laptop two or three times a week.

As to my boat…

I spoke with Jeff this morning. We are VERY close to completing all work on the boat. They called yesterday to ask me to activate Dish Network. The boat had previously been on Directv, but our belief is that we’ll be able to have television all the way to the Aleutians by switching to Dish Network. I really have no idea, but was happy that we’re down to focusing on things like television. All of the serious work has finished.

There was one small surprise at the end. When servicing my engines, they discovered that the impeller on one of the main engines couldn’t be pulled. They had to remove the entire water pump and take it to the shop. That’s not something I’ll have the option to do where I’m going. We bought extra impellers, an impeller puller, and an extra water pump. I might need to pull a barge to hold all the spare parts (just kidding, but it feels like it!)


All three boats that are going on the GSSR are at Salmon Bay Marine Center, near Seattle, and can be viewed via the webcams, at:

-Ken W

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  1. Ken wrote above: ” … Try this link: (java) …”

    Thanks Ken, I can see clealy now. Updated Java, according to Java, I was using an older version of JRE.

  2. Hi Ken, web cams?

    I click on the link for the three different cameras. I see that drats dreaded red X on camera 1, 2 and 3.
    I Click on the Player tab to download/fix/solve the issue and receive this error message:
    401 Unauthorized Your client does not have permission to get URL /download/SncVideoPlayer.exe from this server. (Prompts me for a name and password). Please, can you suggest a solution.

    I downloaded and installed IE 8 yesterday, and now I am having some issues (seeing red x’s in emails, etc.)

    I suspect I have an “ESO” problem. (Equipment Superior to Operator).

    Ken, I asked this question here in case I am not the only person experiencing this issue.

    Enjoy your journey!

  3. KJS:

    I run charts a few different places, so I’m not sure how to answer.

    On the boat, I run Furuno’s Navnet 3d, which has its’ own charts. I also run Nobletec, on a Dell computer. I’ve forgotten exactly which Dell, and actually, it might be about time to upgrade it. I have three mini-case Dell computers, each with a dual processor and 4 gigs of ram .. so they aren’t totally gutless. I’m running XP rather than Vista, which at the time (and probably still) is more stable.

    I also run Nobeltec on my laptop, which is a Dell M1730, running Vista. It’s a heavy beast!

    -Ken W

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