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[KensBlog] Serendipity

Roberta always says that her favorite word in the world is, "Serendipity." It means an unexpected happy event. And, that describes our day yesterday... We

[KensBlog] The wrong way to start a day

Our goal this morning was to shift from our anchorage on the island of Ibiza to another anchorage on the island of Formentera. The two-sided

[KensBlog] Welcome to Ibiza

We were up at 6am for our 60 mile run from the island of Mallorca to the smaller island of Ibiza. Wikipedia has this to

[KensBlog]Crew for Sans Souci?

I am typing this from at sea. We have now departed Mallorca and are on our way to the island of Ibiza. It’s a fairly

[KensBlog] The Road To Mallorca

We just completed a couple of long travel days. Day 1: Mahon Menorca (the south-east corner of the island) to the anchorage called "Cala Macarella"

[KensBlog] An evening out in Mahon

My last blog entry was so boat-geeky, that I wanted to quickly publish another entry to show that we are indeed having fun. Last night

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