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[Kensblog] A New Season Begins

Greetings all!  Table of Contents In just a couple weeks Roberta, I, and our two doggies will start another season of cruising. We haven’t cruised

[Kensblog] Shakedown summer

Greetings all: I haven’t written anything sooner because there really hasn’t been much to say. When we were cruising in Costa Rica, or Asia, or

A new kind of radar?

I received an email suggesting I check out a new radar technology, called "Broadband Radar", that will be coming onto the market soon. It was developed by

Engines, Safety and Monitoring

Some of you may have noticed that the frequency of my blog updates has started slowing down. My guess is that over the next couple

Charts, Electricity and Pirates

Braun Jones (Grey Pearl) sent me an email yesterday asking what I was doing for charts for the run. I mentioned to him that I

Things that go bump in the night

There has been an active discussion, over the past few days, on the NordhavnDreamers discussion board, about shipping containers. Many of you already monitor the

Prop Pitch and Power Management

If you haven’t been following the blog of Kosmos, the Nordhavn 40 that is circumnavigating, this could be a good day to start. On today’s

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