Category: Electrical

Adding more wires to the Atlas

I added another wire to the Atlas today (which didn't accomplish anything). I'm starting to get good at all of this wiring stuff. Yesterday I was

Grounding the Atlas

I spent the day on the boat "tinkering". At Atlas' request I added another ground wire to the system. I'm a software developer, not an

Fighting the Atlas again

I'm now in Cabo. I was on the boat briefly today, to see if I could get shore power going. I couldn't. I did write

I think my Atlas problems are over

I think my Atlas problems are over! I'm trying not to get too excited because we've thought it was solved several times before, and it

Struggling with the Atlas

The Atlas technician spent another day on my boat. At the end of the day, the system was still failing. I asked if he had

Atlas and Nordhavn on the boat

Today will be a busy one. I have Atlas and Nordhavn here, plus a sat tv guy. We're trying to figure out how to get me

The Atlas System

I have an international power system, called Atlas, which allegedly allows me to plug into shore power anywhere in the world. The problem is that

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Credits     |     Video produced by: Rock Steady Media     |     Teletype photo: Arnold Reinhold     |     PDP-11 photo: Trammell Hudson