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Golfito – What happened?

Well .. as reported in my blog, my boat was NOT picked up in Costa Rica. I still don't know the story, and may never

Loading in Golfito!

Today's the day that Sans Souci loads on the giant freighter, headed to Seattle (actually - Victoria). I should have pictures of the loading by

Update – Ken’s Blog

Greetings all. Roberta and I are currently relaxing in Seattle waiting for our boat (Sans Souci) to be shipped home from Costa Rica. It should

Update #23 – Monkey Quest

Greetings all! At the end of my last update we were anchored off Isla Caballo, surrounded by fishing nets. Once we pulled anchor, we weren’t

Update # 21 – Arrival at Los Suenos

[Playa Herradura, Los Suenos, Costa Rica 9 38.981N, 84 39.857W] Our #1 problem this trip has been “how do we get to the beach?”. Coco

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