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Day 19 – In Bermuda

We’re still here in Bermuda waiting for the next leg of our voyage. We’re not going sightseeing until the afternoon, so I thought I’d answer

Day 18 – Bermuda

I said that I would not be doing updates this week, but Roberta is asleep, and all is quiet, so…. I’m sitting on a terrace

Day 16 and 17 – In Bermuda

I’m currently taking a one-week hiatus from doing the daily update, as we’re actually not on the boat this week. Roberta and I are spending

Day 15 – In Bermuda

Roberta and I have now moved off of Sans Souci, and into a hotel. We’re in port in Bermuda, and will be here for at

The Dan Streech Report #5

Here is today’s update from Dan Streech. With Dan leaving the rally here in Bermuda, his updates will stop. I’ll miss both him, and his

Day 14 – Arrival in Bermuda!

Arrival went smoothly, although it didn’t seem like it at the time. The Bermuda advance team asked that the larger ships arrive first, so that

Day 13 – Almost to Bermuda

Everyone aboard Sans Souci is likely to remember yesterday for the rest of their lives. Those of you who have been to the website have

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