Canada Customs

I received this morning some paperwork to fill out for shipping my boat to Canada (from Costa Rica). The fact that I received the paperwork is a very good indication that my boat will actually be transported.

Here’s the form they sent.

One thing that will probably be a problem: They ask how much alcohol we have on board. Roberta and I don’t really drink much more than wine (and, an occasional margarita), but we do keep a good selection of “hard stuff” for guests who are on board. Our guests haven’t been of the genre who consume this stuff – so there is still a full selection of unopened bottles of various liquors onboard. I wrote on the form that the boat is going immediately to the US from Canada, but my guess is that all the alcohol will get dumped overboard. Amusingly, there is one other problem: I need to make sure that they don’t throw away the bottles. We had custom bottle-holders made, which are specfic sizes for specific bottles. It’s all a pain in the butt, but done in an effort to please the mythical future guests, who we will be entertaining, and who care about this stuff. Oh well.. if this is the worst problem I have on shipping the boat north, I’ll be a very happy guy.

-Ken W 

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