Book Published – Great Siberian Sushi Run


I’m very happy to report that my book about the Great Siberian Sushi Run has been released!

The book turned out amazingly well. To see a sneak preview, click this link:

It should be on Amazon within the next few weeks, or it can be bought now, at:  Note: The PDF is only $4.95!

The book includes all of my blog entries, all of the photos, and most of the emails that I received during the trip.

As to the GSSR itself. We’ve been busy planning our 2010 trip. While not on the boat, I am still doing a bit of a blog. If you’d like to see what is happening with our trip planning, check out:

Thank you,

Ken Williams
Nordhavn 68, Sans Souci

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  1. Scott:

    Ask and ye shall receive…

    Try this link: (

    It should take you to a color version of the book for $69.95.

    I realize that this is an outrageous price, and to be honest, the color is good, but not great. My print cost is as outrageous as the retail price — well over $50! (because of the low volume)

    So .. I’m not really going to recommend it, or list it with the major booksellers.

    I did it mostly so that I could buy copies of it for close friends for Christmas presents.

    If you really want it, feel free to order it. I haven’t seen a printed copy yet, so if you order it, and really hate it, let me know and I’ll refund you personally.

    I think you’ll like it though! The color is definitely better. I don’t want to be too negative. But, the black/white version turned out MUCH better than expected, so one way or the other, you’ll like it.

    Good luck!

    Ken Williams

  2. Hi Ken!

    Congratulations once again on your voyage! Any chance we could get the printed book in color as an option? I know it would cost more but it’s worth it 🙂

    Looking forward to your next update!

  3. Grin. The PDF is actually better than the book in several ways:

    – It’s in color!
    – The links are awesome!

    But, the book also has advantages…

    – You can read it in the restroom, and lying in bed!

    Ken W

  4. While reading the PDF version of the GSSR book on my laptop (with an internet connection), I discoverd that Ken had included links that you can click on to watch the videos or read the other articles referred to. Wasn’t expecting that. Very nice.

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