Harris, Britt 6/14/2019

Glad to see you and Roberta are having fun! Thanks for keeping in touch with everyone, and thank you again for creating some of my favorite games when I grew up

---Reply posted by admin on 6/14/2019

Thank you! 

We miss the Sierra days! But ... retirement definitely has its advantages...

rcrogers6 6/9/2019

Ken, Roberta's gray is going to make folks think that you are law enforcement or the Navy.?? You could guarantee that misapprehension by placing a white or black two-digit number on the bows. "33" would be my favorite. Shiny gray metallic might disabuse people of your "official" appearance

rcrogers6 6/9/2019

Ken, although I am NOT advocating the Ultra, Ultra offers: bow roller assemblies, swivels, and chain. Perhaps GB need not fabricate anything? I assume that the chain is stainless. Do your experts think that your windless should be electric or hydraulic? The best way to self-rescue from a grounding (usually mud, but also sand) is to take an anchor out astern or off the bow and inch oneself off. Using the dinghy alongside often works, but those winches exert far more force. I recall your saying that you will have sheet winches aft to aid in docking.

rcrogers6 6/9/2019

Don't forget the Groco intake scoops with the removable screens to permit cleaning. In my brief ICW experience from New Bern to Annapolis and back. My ordinary A/C intake got clogged by tissue, a minnow, and a Tampon. On your future boat, I think that the only active intakes at rest will be the A/C and generator intakes. I have assumed that your toilets will be fresh water flush.

Your radar can be used to see the ICW markers including those without radar reflectors (my commercial radar sees those w/o reflectors.) The charts may not reflect the actual position of the channel, but the radar will. In NC at least, ICW junctions with local channels are confusing in a few spots. If you are lucky enough to be behind a tug, they will serve as guides. Because I talk to tugs in a respectful tone and ask them "Where do you want me?" they often offered me advice and once a 6000 HP towboat pulled me off some stumps when my rudder arm broke and I went charging off outside the channel! They said that they would not have stopped had I been "one of those speeding sportfishermen." WORD.

jsschieff 6/9/2019

As someone else mentioned, you may want to take a look at the Ultra anchors. They appear to hold extremely well, be well-engineered and the stainless steel finish is quite spiffy.

---Reply posted by admin on 6/9/2019

GB recommended an Ultra anchor. Unfortunately, the Ultra that fits the existing bowsprit is borderline acceptable. I'm working with them now to see if a larger anchor, preferably Rocna, can fit on the bow.

It's tough to swap anchors after years of experience with a particular anchor.

In all scenarios, I want an anchor that is one or two sizes up from the manufacturer's sizing guide. 

rcrogers6 6/9/2019

I've seen videos of some Steeler yachts and a few others and they are painted a dark silver similar to Roberta's gray. Wirth a look. Although I too have relied upon my oversized Rocna, I've seen mention of the Turkish Ultra anchor. Bright stainless with the general Roca appearance (no rollbar) but with a weighted tip.  Interesting, buy pricey.

---Reply posted by admin on 6/9/2019

When we were in Europe we saw a lot of Ultra anchors. My recollection is that it is very similar to the Spade anchor that John Harries recommends on the Morgan's Cloud website. 

GB is struggling to fit an anchor of the size I'd like (Rocna or Ultra) onto the bow. It will require modification to the bowsprit, so we're still trying to find an anchor that is as large as I like and can be made to fit on the bow of the boat. 

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