A cruising couple and their two pups explore the world by boat

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Update – Ken’s Blog

Greetings all. Roberta and I are currently relaxing in Seattle waiting for our boat (Sans Souci) to be shipped home from Costa Rica. It should load aboard a giant freighter sometime next week, and in ...

Update # 25 – Last Update From Costa Rica

[Golfito, Costa Rica, 8 37.271N, 83 09.123W] Greetings all! Our friends, John and Gloria Buchan, joined us at Los Suenos for the final week of our trip. John is a life-time boater, both power and ...

Update # 24 – Winding down in Costa Rica

[Los Suenos, Costa Rica, 9 38.981N, 84 39.857W] Greetings all! I mentioned in my last update that I’d send a “trip summary.” I started writing something with “Favorite marina” (Barra) and “Favorite anchorage” (Tenacatita), but ...

Update #23 – Monkey Quest

Greetings all! At the end of my last update we were anchored off Isla Caballo, surrounded by fishing nets. Once we pulled anchor, we weren’t sure what to do, so we pointed the boat at ...

Update # 22 – Hanging out in Costa Rica

My apologies for taking so long between updates. I’ve been somewhat lazy here in Costa Rica. The day after our arrival at Los Suenos our crew flew home to Seattle. During the prior two weeks ...

Update # 21 – Arrival at Los Suenos

[Playa Herradura, Los Suenos, Costa Rica 9 38.981N, 84 39.857W] Our #1 problem this trip has been “how do we get to the beach?”. Coco Beach (10°33'26.09"N, 85°42'0.24"W) was another exercise in frustration. We were ...

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