Back to Costa Rica?

We’re working on sending Jeff (my delivery skipper) down to Costa Rica to check on the boat. I’m getting daily emails sent from the boat that indicate all is well, but it is tough on the boat to sit for six months without moving. Or, at least I think it is. I would imagine that the belts and hoses dry out, and that running the boat once in a while is good for it.

Amazingly, it isn’t as simple as just paying for Jeff to go to Costa Rica (the tab for which the freight company is paying). The boat was already cleared out of Costa Rica by customs, and technically isn’t in the country, even though it is quite visible sitting at the dock. I don’t want to do anything to run afoul of the local authorities. My recommendation to Jeff was to invite the Port Captain along for the ride, so that there would be no doubt that running the boat is legal. My goal is that he run the boat for an hour, and just look to see if all the sitting is causing any problems. I’m sure all is fine.. but, it doesn’t hurt to check.

-Ken W

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