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GSSR#37 - Well, that wasn't very exciting

I always say that  writing my blog feels at times like a battle between myself and the readers. It's like a Nascar race. If they were to send out a press release saying, "We have new-improved cars, which are absolutely guaranteed never to bump into anything." The drivers might be happy, but the bleachers would be empty.

Well, I'm VERY happy to report that...

The typhoon appears to have missed us. We spent yesterday preparing for the typhoon, and have been waiting all day for what was supposed to be a direct strike with 80 knot winds. I even charged the batteries on my camera, and on the camcorder, and the wind never passed 22 knots. It was rolly for a while in the marina, but that was it.

Unless there's another storm on the horizon, the GSSR will be back on the move as soon as the sea is calm.

Our plan was to take a week working our way slowly to Osaka, 400 miles south, cruising only during the day, and stopping to anchor along the way. This is the last passage of the GSSR and we'd like to enjoy it. However, my sense is that our close-call with the typhoon will accelerate our trip south. The height of typhoon season is the wrong time for a leisurely cruise down the coast. I don't think we'll run around the clock, but I suspect we'll run faster than we would have.

I'll write more once we are underway.

-Ken Williams
Nordhavn 68, Sans Souci

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