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Trouble finding anchorages on the way to Osaka

My project for today is to try to find better charts for our run to Osaka.

Our plan is to depart Yokohama, headed to Osaka, around August 30th. It’s a 400 mile run, and we want to break it down to a series of day runs. All three of the GSSR boats are now running with just the owners. Overnight runs are certainly possible, but not preferable.

We’d like to find anchorages, spaced about 80 miles apart. Currently, I’ve identified only one; called Shimoda.

Even Shimoda is messy, in that my Nobeltec charts, and also the paper charts, have no depths. It’s VERY frustrating. I’m sure there are plenty of great places to drop the hook between here and there, but, where?  Nowhere promising has any depth information on the charts. I can't seem to find any crusing guides for Japan, even in Japanese, and the coast pilot doesn't have good information. Basically, we're flying blind in shallow water loaded with fishing nets.

Complicating the quest, we need to know where the ports are, so that if a typhoon comes along, we can hide. Allegedly, Septembers average four typhoons a month, in southern Japan, and we’re heading further south. I need to identify all the good places to hole-up should a typhoon hit. Realistically though, if we are half-way through our run when we see a typhoon coming, my guess is that we’ll decide to run around the clock to reach Osaka.

I’m off to a chart store, in a quest for better information than I have now. I’m sure it will all be in Japanese, but if the depths are in English, I’ll be fine…

-Ken Williams
Nordhavn 68, Sans Souci

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