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Roberta,Ken And The Pups Cruise The World On A Relatively Small Boat

A hole in the bottom of the boat

Another busy day. Today was spent loading supplies onto the boat. This was made a bit more interesting because the boat is sitting in a sling at the haul-out facility (Delta). We had the entire back of our SUV filled with supplies, all of which had to be carried up a 20' ladder into the boat. Not fun.

I worked for a while on my monitoring system, with great success.

The boat is at the haul-out facility to get a leak, at the port stabilizer fixed. It was the first time I've ever seen the boat without the stabilizer. It was a little spooky being able to see into the engine room from beneath the boat. I should have measured the thickness of the fiberglass, but forgot to. My guess is that it was about 3" thick.


Amazingly, the boat will be back in the water by tomorrow morning!

And on a different topic: Mike at Lafferty's pharmacy sent a picture of the medical kits he is assembling for us. It looks impressive. [Note... this must be a "representative picture" .. because the name on the box isn't mine!]


And lastly, Bill Harrington (the Alaskan Commercial Fisherman accompanying us) saw a comment on my blog about the new radar system being installed at Adak (an island in the Aleutians we'll be visiting), and sent this email:

"...Hi Ken.

That X-Band radar should be outside Adak Harbor when we get there.  That is if the contractors are done soaking the government for repairs by then. The whole thing is a navigational hazard. They plunked it down right in the middle of the route most travelled when heading North out of Adak in order to go around the top and head West. Besides the platform they have a field of giant steel anchor buoys and floating fuel storage cylindrical tanks, all of which are poorly marked. They are also not on any charts that I know of. We probably won't have to worry about the actual radar gizmo as it has not been there the last two years but in Hawaii. All the associated floating junk is there though. Your tax dollar at work.

When we get to Adak my suggestion would be to anchor out if possible unless they have repaired the pier. There are broken pilings and bolts hanging out of it that never seem to get repaired. There are a few select spots that the pilings are serviceable. We can find out ahead of time what's up. They have been rebuilding a small boat harbor at the head of the bay that may have room though. My Dad actually dredged the original one in WWII when with the SeaBees.

Good luck with finishing up. 
Best regards. Bill"

Bill sent some photos from Adak (or, at least I think they are from Adak. The last couple look like they are of the abandoned military base there. To see them, CLICK HERE

I couldn't resist "improving" on one of his photos by experimenting to see how Sans Souci would look at anchor.

-Ken W

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