An N62 with a fly bridge?

Here’s a question I received about the N62:

 Hello Ken-
I am an aspiring Nordhavn owner, looking forward to early retirement at 45.
I’ve fallen for the lines of the N62, though love what you’ve come up with in the unique design of the N68. I was curious if it was possible to add a fly bridge to a N62? My thought is that a N62 without a dry stack could be easily refitted to support hardtop for all electronics and hardtop over aft upper deck lounge. Perfect scenario would to include a hot tub like your beautiful N68. You had mentioned in your book that you had explored the idea of refitting San Souci #1 with upgrades, was a fly bridge one of them.
Any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

It’s an interesting idea, but probably not possible for a variety of reasons. That said, I’d call Nordhavn and ask.

My gut reaction is that they will say no, but who knows? The funny thing about the N62 is that it has been close to extinction several times. On several occasions I have been told that Nordhavn has built their last N62, and then an other order would come in, and the N62 would be rolling again. The N46 and N62 were Nordhavn’s first boats, and both boats have strong followings.

Nordhavn added a fly bridge to the N46, which implies that one could be added to the N62. The problem is that molding is expensive, and that for a boat at the beginning of its lifespan, it might make sense, whereas if the future of the N62 is unclear, it might not make as much sense. I’m not sure what Nordhavns current thinking is on the N62. My guess is that they thought it would be obsoleted by their newer models, such as the N55, N64 and N68, but that the orders keep coming in. Dan Streech (Nordhavn’s President) once said to me (over 10 years ago) that the market for the N62 would continue for many years, because there are a lot of people out there who have N62s on their computer desk top, and that they are looking at the N62 every day, while waiting to retire. I was one of them…

I tried photoshopping a fly bridge onto old photos of my N62, and would have posted something here, but nothing looked right. Part of the beauty of the N62 is how sleek and seaworthy it looks. The fly bridge (or, at least my amateur renderings) make it look “wrong”.

Actually … the best hot tub solution may be the simplest. There are companies that sell “floating hot tubs.” (eg. Yachtub). These heat via a small electrical heater that sits on your boat, and use a heat exchanger.

Alternately, there is plenty of space on the bow of the N62 for a hot tub, if you only run a single tender.

Good luck!

-Ken W

PS If you do speak with Nordhavn about doing a fly bridge on the N62, let me know what they say.

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