An international competition

John Marshall, an N55 owner, posted the message below, on the NordhavnDreamers message board, in response to a question about how off shore a boat must be to empty its’ holding tank.

I couldn’t resist reposting it here.

-Ken W

“…One other consideration depends on international feuds… given that
the greater Victoria, BC metro area discharges untreated sewage from
nearly 400,000 people into the Strait of Juan de Fuca, we US boaters
(who live directly across the strait and have treatment facilities on
our side) tend to like to give a little back when we are crossing over
to their side.

BC has a few “no dump” zones in some coves and bays, but largely
doesn’t care. Even Victoria, where they dump 2 million gallons a day
of raw sewage into the Strait, are still debating if its OK or not.
Some locals argue that the fish like it. Grow big, strong.

Anyway, since their debates haven’t resolved anything, I guess its “OK”.

If its OK for them, then its OK for me. I always leave a little
something on their doorstep. Just my way of saying “thanks neighbor”.

I know… its silly. Sh*t wars. And my 100 gallons of macerated waste
are not even a drop in a bucket. But I do enjoy the symbolism. I tell
my Canadian friends that I’ll stop sh*tting in their waters when they
stop sh*tting in mine.

Remember hearing about the Pig War on San Juan Island back in the 19th
century? The only casualty of the ten year war was a pig. Or rather,
the war almost started when an American shot a Canadian pig. Soon,
armies were gathering, with opposing camps on the same island. The
only fighting occurred over beer and tea when the soldiers from the
two camps got together to party.

I guess when Washington State and British Columbian citizens fight,
our weapons aren’t very lethal. (Although I guess that could depend on
what we ate last night.)

If only the rest of the world was so civilized and mature….”

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