A day of getting things done!

The hurricane was a non-event today. It passed well north of us, and the only impact in the marina was steady 25 knot winds.

We had an electronics guy, who flew in from Seattle to fix the satellite tv. This meant opening the dome up on the radar arch. When he looked at the radar arch, and the boat rocking in the wind, he said “No Way!”. After a couple of hours of Jeff begging, he finally agreed, and now the boat has tv again.

Nordhavn also came through, and sent down one of their most senior technicians with the parts to get the air conditioning going, and the electric panel fixed. He agreed that our air conditioning system was in need of major work, but was able to apply enough band-aids that a subset of the air conditioning should keep things cool on Sans Souci until the boat is farther north.

Jeff is now saying that he may depart tomorrow morning. There’s another hurricane, called Odile, working its way north, and he’d like to get as far in front of it as possible. The run to San Diego is only five or six days, so if he leaves tomorrow morning, he should be across the border by Friday.

And on a different topic…

Roberta and I are selling our house in Seattle, and moving into a condo. Owning a house makes no sense when you are on the boat six months a year. That said, as you can imagine, selling a home is impossible at the present time. We’ve already bought the condo, so we weren’t sure what to do with our house. Then today, we received a call that a ship captain is looking for a place to rent while having a boat built. The captain, who we just met, turned out to be a megayacht skipper who is in the process of building an over 200′ boat at a nearby shipyard. I only mentioned this because he turned out to be a great resource for our upcoming trip. He has been around the world three times, and has been into Siberia. I’ve been hitting a wall on getting approval to enter Siberia with our four-boat-fleet next summer. He mentioned having an agent who handled everything for him, and that he would give me a referral!

While on the topic of our run next summer: I found a great website last night, that I think will be a big help to us. It was put together, by Alaska, as an aid to the freighters who are running along the Aleutians, and might need a place to hide from bad weather. It shows all the good anchorages in the Aleutians.


Lastly, and this has nothing to do with boating… In my prior life I used to publish computer games. One of the games I published was called Ultima, written by an incredibly creative and talented young man: Richard Garriott. Today, I noticed in the headlines that Richard, who has always had an interest in space, and whose father was an astronaut, is about to go into space himself! I haven’t spoken to him in years, so this caught me completely by surprise… His website is: http://www.richardinspace.com/

And I thought I was going someplace remote by going to Siberia. Richard will not be impressed.

-Ken W

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