A bit more info on why I MISSED THE BOAT

This morning, I received this email from Braun Jones, of Grey Pearl, who’s Nordhavn 62 was also in Golfito, and made the ship to Canada that I missed.

-Ken W

PS Note that Braun references “Autumn Wind” – it’s an N62 that was also on the Atlantic crossing in 2004 with Grey Pearl and Sans Souci. Small world!

Hi Ken

Here are some pics of the Marie Rickmers some of which I took from the bridge deck where I met the Captain in Nanaimo. This was after the ship arrived and I watched the unloading.


 I had requested and received written permission from the ship owners and Yacht Path to board the Marie Rickmers and inspect my boat when it arrived.

( I also looked at Paloma and Autumn Wind cause I could).


 When the Burmese Captain Than Naing learned I was on board he invited me to tea and cookies on his bridge, gave me a tour and discussed the voyage from Golfito. He also showed me a film he took of the force 7 gale they encountered during the trip.


During our conversations I asked him in a probably rude Occidental manner why he refused to load your boat in Golfito? He gestured to the cranes on his foredeck (see pics). I did not immediately understand what he was pointing to ( cranes is cranes to me). Then he pointed directly to the lettering on the crane booms which clearly read ’40t’. He then gave me a typical Asian satisfied grin and we spoke no more about your boat.




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