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GSSR 2010 - Quick Update

Roberta and I have enjoyed our week in Taiwan, and are now preparing to depart tomorrow morning, early, for Hong Kong.

We have hardly left the boat this week. Both Roberta and I wanted some quiet time on our computers, plus Shelby, our dog, has been sick. We didn’t clear her into Taiwan, so she has been stuck on the boat all week, and seems depressed. She will be clearing into Hong Kong, and we’re confident that as soon as she reaches land she’ll perk right up.

The run to Hong Kong is a long one; a 375 nautical mile passage, which will take us two full days.

Once we are running, our location may be checked at any time via this link:


There is one worrisome detail...

A tropical storm is headed our direction, called Conson.

You can track it on this site:

We are set to arrive into Hong Kong a good 24 hours before it is scheduled to hit. I don't have enough history with these things to know if there is any chance it will arrive faster than planned, or the odds that it will be upgraded to a typhoon. We use a professional weather router ( who we will consult before making  the final call on whether or not we depart. If there is any risk, we won't depart.

More from Hong Kong!

Thank you,
Ken Williams
N6805, Sans Souci

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