The Great Siberian Sushi Run

Starting May 1st, 2009, three boats will depart Seattle for Japan, traversing Alaska, The Aleutian Islands, The Bering Sea, and Siberia along the way.

Although we’re calling this mini rally “The Great Siberian Sushi Run”, it has been suggested that we call ourselves “The Wrong Way Gang”. The prevailing winds are such that there is a virtually non-stop headwind from the west. We are expecting consistently high winds, and slow going. The “reward” is getting to see a part of the world that few have ever visited, and the ability to cross the Pacific without ever being more than 300 miles from land. Our longest passage will be only 500 miles, and our longest run without fuel will be only about 1,100 miles. 

The boats making the run are:

Grey Pearl
Braun and Tina Jones
Nordhavn 62

Seabird, Steven and Carol Argosy
Nordhavn 62

Sans Souci
Ken and Roberta Williams
Nordhavn 68

(Download zip file of route, as Nobeltec Export)
Note: This route is for planning purposes only. It is not intended for navigation.



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