Month: July 2012

[KensBlog] Visit to an Ancient City

Greetings all!Roberta has come up with a succinct description of the region of Turkey in which we are now cruising: “Disneyland For Boaters.”I understand what

[Kensblog] Sometimes, I win

Greetings all!I have said this before, but will repeat it for those who might have joined us recently....I consider the blog as kind of a

[Kensblog] Coasting Along in Turkey

Greetings all!Roberta and I are now working our way northwest along the southern coast of Turkey, moving from anchorage to anchorage.A few photos... Approaching a

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Credits     |     Video produced by: Rock Steady Media     |     Teletype photo: Arnold Reinhold     |     PDP-11 photo: Trammell Hudson