Month: March 2009

Living on a boat is a full-time job

Roberta and I divide our time between Mexico, Seattle, and the boat. Just before heading to Mexico for the season, we moved into a condo.

GSSR#3 – Redoubt Volcano Erupts

 Greetings all!Over the past few days I've received several emails asking me about volcanic activity along our GSSR route.There was a major eruption at the

An international competition

John Marshall, an N55 owner, posted the message below, on the NordhavnDreamers message board, in response to a question about how off shore a boat

Getting Dressed

Sonaia Hermida, from Goleen, an N57, sent this email about Survival Suits, including some fun photographs of a guest of theirs trying on her suit. I

Charts Online

Someone just sent me this link, so I thought I'd share it: allows you to view all of the charts for the US free. I enjoyed

Dive Compressor and More

Jeff sent some some more pictures of the work happening on the boat.Here's a picture of the dive compressor. I had originally planned a dive compressor

GSSR#1 – The Adventure Begins….

 Greetings all! You are reading the blog, of Ken Williams, from the Nordhavn 68 named Sans Souci. This is my first mailing to most of you

A new kind of radar?

I received an email suggesting I check out a new radar technology, called "Broadband Radar", that will be coming onto the market soon. It was developed by

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Credits     |     Video produced by: Rock Steady Media     |     Teletype photo: Arnold Reinhold     |     PDP-11 photo: Trammell Hudson