Year: 2009

Jessica crosses the equator, and Maxsea Timezero reviewed

I’ve been continuing to read Jessica Watson’s blog. She’s the 16 year old currently circumnavigating. Her blog can be found at: Today's entry:

Charting, disasters, and more

Roberta and I are now making our annual migration south to Cabo for the winter. We’ve been busy over the past week preparing for our

Whales sink a boat off Baja

I thought I'd pass along this article, if you haven't seen it: The quick story is that a sailboat participating in the Baja Haha

The typhoon has hit

The typhoon made news around the world!                               Powerful typhoon slams into Japan Image capt_photo_1254994226379-4-0.jpg   “…TOKYO – A powerful typhoon slammed into Japan on

There’s a typhoon coming!

When Roberta and I returned home from Japan, we were absolutely certain that typhoon season was over, but it appears that we were wrong.Steven and Carol Argosy

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