Month: December 2008

Merry Christmas!

No boat-blog today ... or for the next week. We're in Seattle packing for our move to a condo.I thought you might enjoy these two

Coping With Heat

If you have been following Kosmos’ blog, you’ll be happy to read the following. Don’t be confused by this posting. The Kosmos blog is several

Touring Some Big Boats

This has been a busy week aboard Sans Souci, although I must confess that I have been far removed from the “action.” During the winter

An Alternate Way to Build a Nordhavn 68

This story is kind of cool. Nordhavn posted on their site an article about one of their salesman's sons building his own Nordhavn 68, out

Sharks! (?)

I received an email a few days back from some regular readers of my blog, Scott and Cindy Stolnitz, of the 51’ sailing catamaran “Beach

A story from Japan (about an incident in NY)

As part of preparing for our trip to Japan, I've been following the Japanese cruising message boards. Overall, they haven't been particularly interesting, and have generally

Securing a boat

As part of the discussion on the “Perfect Passagemaker” (see the Dec 9th blog entry), I started thinking about how to provide a resource for

Propping my boat up

David Sidbury, owner of the second N68, has been updating me on some research he has been doing.  Both David and I are interested in

The fun of cruising internationally

My project for the next month is to do the trip planning for our trip to Japan. I met with another cruiser, a couple weeks

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