Month: September 2008

Entering Nicaragua

I spoke with Jeff on the boat earlier this morning. He was just leaving costa rica and running north along the coast of nicaragua. On

Leaving Los Suenos

As I'm typing this, Sans Souci is topping off the fuel tanks, and will leave in the next hour for their first long passage; from Los Suenos Costa

Thinking about spare parts

I mentioned yesterday that the 16kw generator had stopped putting out power, and that it was probably nothing more than a blown fuse. I told

Sans Souci Arrives At Los Suenos

Sans Souci has completed its first passage on the long run north. This was a short ride, but an important one. The boat has been sitting

Sans Souci is on the move!

I am pleased to report that Sans Souci has now left Golfito. A map has just been added to the website that I'll use to

Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow morning early Sans Souci will be back on the move after sitting still for six months. Jeff and crew spent the day changing the

Jeff arrives in Costa Rica

My delivery skipper is now on the boat.I asked if he had any "issues" getting there, and he said the only problem was the final

Pictures from Hurricane Ike

Here are some pictures from Hurricane Ike (assuming you have Powerpoint to view them with):Hurricane Ike Pics This is the sort of thing I don't

An N62 with a fly bridge?

Here's a question I received about the N62: Hello Ken-I am an aspiring Nordhavn owner, looking forward to early retirement at 45.I’ve fallen for the lines

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