Month: August 2008

How do I get my boat north?

I'm back in Seattle now... and, it feels good to be home.The biggest event yesterday was that it appears no freighter is coming for my

Trouble in Venezuela?

Here are a couple of emails from the World Cruising forum on Yahoo that caught my attention: If you know someone planning to sail to

I”m in the wrong business!

I'm getting accustomed to seeing LARGE megayachts anchored behind our rented-villa here in the south of france, but today there was a boat that dwarfed

Is all warm water the same?

I received this comment regarding yesterday's comment on sea strainer clogging:I have been reading all of the information on the sea strainer blockages. Many folks seem

Crud in the Pipes, and Flying Dogs

I'm still thinking about what I'll do when I get the boat to Seattle to solve the problem of crud (barnacles) growing in the sea

Sans Souci in an ad? And, dogs in Europe?

Nordhavn has a series of advertisements that feature Nordhavn owners, and their cruising adventures. Yesterday, Nordhavn’s marketing department called to ask for permission to feature our

Self Defense at Sea

There has been a very valuable discussion on the "World Cruising Forum" on Yahoo about protecting yourself while cruising in potentially dangerous places. I would

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