Month: July 2008

Dripless Shaft Seals

I have mentioned previously that the newest version of Nobletec allows you to run copies on multiple computers, without the hardware key (dongle). This is

Leaving your boat in Costa Rica

Another Nordhavn owner wrote to me this morning asking about Costa Rica as a place to leave your boat for months.Unfortunately, I know a lot

Trip to Costa Rica to Check On Boat

We've been pushing the freight company to pay for sending Jeff down to Costa RIca, to check on the boat. The boat has been sitting

Another piracy website

Here is an email I received regarding sea piracy:Hi Ken, I noticed you posted a site about Piracy Reporting in the Caribbean. I can't remember how

A philosophic discussion

Today's entry has nothing to do with boating ... or a lot to do with boating. I'll let you decide.I've been bothered all day by

We go to France next week

We were supposed to be cruising Alaska now, but with the boat stuck in Costa Rica, we've been stuck on land in Seattle. Therefore...We decided

Article in this issue of Passagemaker

I just received the new issue of Passagemaker yesterday. There's an article worth reading, about a 55' boat - a custom steel boat, built in New

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Credits     |     Video produced by: Rock Steady Media     |     Teletype photo: Arnold Reinhold     |     PDP-11 photo: Trammell Hudson