Month: November 2007

Slip for the boat

The marina called and they found a place for my boat! It's all kind of comical in that I leased a slip for three years,


The voltage on the boat was fine when I woke up this morning (I get a daily email) -- so all is well.Only a few boat-related

More Power Problems

Another frustrating day with the boat. It is currently in a marina only about 3 miles from my house, and has a monitoring system that

The Charlotte B

There has been some discussion on this site of the Charlotte B, a Nordhavn 62 that went aground at Magdalena Bay in Mexico. Following is


The Skymate unit on the boat sent this email from the boat this morning:Received Friday November 23 2007 at 12:09 PM GMT.Assistance Button is NORMAL.

Electrical Problems

Today got off to a bad start. I went out to the boat, and discovered that the battery voltage, on my 24 volt "house bank"

Ship aground

I'm home, and finally checking my email again. Check out this blog update on Circumnavigator Magazine's website: It's the Nordhavn 62 that went aground. It

Update # 22 – Mutiny on the Fubar

Our first project yesterday was fueling at the marina in Cabo San Lucas. While being fueled I was approached by a gentleman who introduced himself

Update # 21 – Fishing at the Fubar

Greetings all! Sans Souci is now anchored at Bahia Santa Maria, arriving yesterday, just after dusk. First an answer to a question from yesterday: I

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