100,000 page views!

Sometime tonight, or tomorrow morning, my blog will register over 100,000 page views. That’s pretty astounding given that this blog has only been up a few months, and that I’m not on the boat, and not even emailing out my postings.

As I type this, Jeff is just arriving at the boat in Newport Oregon. He wants to get going as soon as he arrives on the boat, but probably won’t be able to get out before 5am tomorrow morning. There’s a “bar” one has to cross to exit the marina, and at low tide it has breaking waves. He is probably boxed in until the tide comes back up tomorrow morning.

-Ken W

PS Yesterday’s blog entry collected a bunch of comments… and, this entry is short (and, not that interesting). So, it could be a good time to read backwards.

PSPS … Go vote!


11/4/2008 – 9:30am PST

Jeff is at Newport Oregon, waiting for a “green light” (following is the latest email from our weather router):

Captain, during the last 3 hours conditions have started to come down from Newport northward, Winds are closer to 17-21kts with sea/swells 8-10ft. Wind waves are now 7-8ft with swells 9-10ft

This subsiding trend should continue for the next several hours and a departure this afternoon still looks viable as the high ridge approaches.

Will continue to watch and update.

B/Rgds, Bob/OMNI



11/4/2008 – 12:30am PST

We are underway with Position 44′ 50 N / 124′ 06 W , Wind 20 to 25 knots west. Swell is 8 to 10 feet out of the West hoping for better weather.



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