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    6/28/2017 02:00 www.youtube.com

    Sailing and Navigation Electronics Installation!- Sailing Vessel Delos


    6/27/2017 09:11 www.youtube.com

    Crookhaven, Ireland From The Air


    6/27/2017 02:55 comeonrover.com

    Juneau, Funter Bay & Hoonah

    Time to catch up again!  We’ve been in Glacier Bay (which will be in our next post as it deserves its own post entirely) and the scenery kept our eyes busy.  No time to look at a computer screen.  I wrote this as we took a 3.5 hour ride from Glacier Bay back to Hoonah for a … Continue reading Juneau, Funter Bay & Hoonah →


    6/26/2017 19:00 www.mvtivoli.org

    Team Oracle Loses

    Team Oracle loses to New Zealand. NZ had a faster boat and better crew; they deserve the win. Still, it’s been amazing to be on N47 Roam, on the race course, watching these events unfold. One couldn’t get a better seat, along with the on-board TV up on the flybridge providing the play-by-play. Thank you Clark and Michelle! We are now looking forward to the next leg of our journey; the 715 nautical mile run due north to Lunenberg. The next few days will be spent re-provisioning and getting Tivoli ready for offshore. This will entail cleaning the bottom, an oil change, and lashing down anything that moves. Our friends Kristin and Wayne (N40 Kemo Sabe) arrive on July 1 and will be ready to go the next day. If weather permits we may do just that. Maybe one of these young sailors will win the Cup back in 2021 in Aukland. Start your own blog now! Free!


    6/25/2017 16:52 feeds.feedburner.com

    Photos and Thoughts of Compass Cay

    Yes, we're still in the Exumas and, yep, life remains pretty good. There are probably those who wonder how we maintain our sanity while hanging out static, tied up at Compass for weeks, even months. And we admit, sanity is subjective, but this thing we all do on boats is not actually rational behavior. — is it?  So we do what makes us happy at the moment. And... We've said it before, one must be conscious of what it is to be at Compass Cay. It's an acquired taste. We're down with that, we feel fortunate to be here and we're always sad to leave. Those who have put in extended time here at Compass will understand. This trip has had several unavoidable diversions, forcing us to redraw our cruising plans. Future plans? Nothing is off the table yet - everything is back on - like rebooting, we're mulling over our intentions for the next few months with fresh eyes wide open. But, while here we've been busy; island busy, anyway. Good news for those who cruise this area. A whole new sourc...


    6/25/2017 11:16 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    June 2017: From Gibraltar to Malaga

    THU 22-JUN View of Harbor as Relish Departs....That's the Gibraltar Airport's Runway on the Left - More on That in an Upcoming Post We awoke early and had Relish away from her Med-Mooring and tied up at the fuel dock even before it opened at 0800, and by 1000 had topped off her tanks with 1,680 gallons of diesel.  We also added a healthy dose of Stanadyne PF treatment in each tank since it would take Silvio considerable time to burn through 2800+ gallons now that he’s done crossing oceans.  (Diesel fuel doesn’t store well after about 90 days unless you add a quality additive such as Stanadyne.) By 1015 we were underway once again.  We picked our way through the numerous ships anchored in or near the Port of Gibraltar, rounded the Rock’s peninsula, and pointed the bow northeast towards Malaga, Spain.  The sea conditions were perfect – barely a breeze and an almost imperceptible gentle swell.  No stabilizers required! View of The Rock From the Other Side as We Departed Relish cont...


    6/24/2017 06:19 www.southernstarnz.com

    Life on the dock-

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    6/23/2017 20:19 oursloboda.com

    Video Episode #6

    Video Episode #6 This video captures our last few days of embracing the amazing cruising community that we made during the trip. When we had to turn back north, they were all  continuing south. Saying “see ya later” to our friends and fellow cruisers was the hardest thing we’ve had to do, but knowing we... Read More


    6/23/2017 12:40 mvdirona.com

    Old Head of Kinsale

    The Old Head of Kinsale was a welcome sight for us at the completion of our 2,800nm passage from Newport, RI to Kinsale, Ireland. With a sunny weather forecast, we took the opportunity to make the 8-mile bike ride to get a closer look and take in the sweeping view from the restored signal tower....


    6/23/2017 09:11 n60blossom.blogspot.com

    Visiting St Michael’s, MD

    Heading out of the marina We had a fantastic time aboard Blossom this trip and were able to do a bit of exploring as well. We returned to the boat on Sunday and spent a couple of days provisioning, settling in and exploring the Annapolis area in the dinghy.  This included going into “ego alley” in downtown Annapolis to provision with wine, beer and ginger beer - there’s a great wine shop right next to the dock. They told us that in the future we can call ahead and they’ll meet us at the dinghy dock with our stash – talk about convenient! While heading into town, we noticed a Nordy 55 on a mooring ball. We stopped by to say hi and were thrilled to realize it was a couple we’d met almost 3 years ago in Ft. Lauderdale. We had a great time chatting and hope to get together with them later this summer when they pass through Annapolis again. The weather was looking great so we headed out to St. Michael’s for a long weekend. It was a little breezy in the marina when we left and we were sho...


    6/23/2017 02:00 www.youtube.com

    The magical Nosy Hara archipelago in Madagascar! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 124


    6/22/2017 10:40 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    June 2017: A Few Days in Gibraltar

    SUN 18-JUN to THU 22-JUN Ocean View Marina at Port of Gibraltar We had four wonderfully relaxing days in the Port of Gibraltar.  It felt fabulous to unwind in such an accommodating place while savoring the experiences and accomplishments of the past month.   And the weather was simply idyllic – cloudless, sunny skies, low humidity and light breezes. The docks here in Ocean View Marina are floating and in exceptionally good condition, the staff is helpful and friendly, and the rates are quite reasonable.  We hooked up to shore power with a pair of the 32 amp cords we had assembled way back in Bermuda, and had consistent quality power available.  (We even got our washer and dryer to work on the 50 Hz power!)  There are numerous bars, pubs, casinos and restaurants on the premises and within easy walking (or stumbling) distance.  And the town square is an easy walk as well. The Gang at Little Bay Bar for a Group Dinner Compared to our Horta and St. George’s facility experiences, this...


    6/22/2017 03:35 mvdirona.com

    Two Laps Around Fastnet Rock

    Fastnet Rock is the most southern point in Ireland and the light on it is known world-wide, partly because it is the turn-around point of the classic ocean sailing race of the same name. We’ve now had Dirona at the location of several notable offshore races, including Vic-Maui, Transpac (San Pedro to Diamond Head), Sydney...


    6/21/2017 19:00 www.mvtivoli.org

    Lazy Days, Cool Nights

    We continue to enjoy Bermuda and all its attractions. Roam had guests arriving so we’ve welcomed their crew Mark and Michele aboard Tivoli and have enjoyed their company for the past week. During that time we made the two-hour run back to St. Georges to take on fuel. Although we still have 800 gallons aboard and don’t need it for the upcoming passage to Nova Scotia we get a one-time duty-free purchase making the final cost a bit less than Canadian prices; so we took on 400 gallons. We also enjoyed a couple nights in a beautiful anchorage in St. Georges inlet. A nearby resident motored out to welcome us and gave us some Bermuda onions and garlic they grow on their farm. This is typical of our encounters with residents; welcoming, kind and generous. Our friends Clark and Michelle picked up their guests Tom and Diane and we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Wahoo’s. Then it was back to Hamilton for the first of the Team Oracle and Team Emirates New Zealand finals. Sadly, Team USA appears to have...


    6/21/2017 11:54 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn video: Interview with James and Jennifer Hamilton owners of N52 "Dirona"


    6/21/2017 09:54 www.southernstarnz.com

    Leaving Florda


    6/21/2017 05:56 www.youtube.com

    Two Laps Around Fastnet Rock (MV Dirona Channel)


    6/20/2017 18:49 feeds.feedburner.com

    Raymarine Axiom & LH3, a little fishing & then the install

    Written for Panbo by Ben Ellison There is understandable grumbling about how Raymarine's new 7-, 9- and 12-inch Axiom multifunction displays shipped (somewhat late) without several significant features that Ray plans to deliver with a software update at a yet unspecified date. But I'm fairly confident that the longer term story is rosy. After two days of fishing with beta MFDs in Florida and installing a test Axiom 7 myself, I'm impressed with both the hardware and the new LightHouse 3 interface, and I'll be surprised if the missing features and more don't fill in nicely. Let's take a glass-at-least-half-full look at this major product line change...


    6/20/2017 10:30 feeds.feedburner.com


    Envoy is in Lefkas Marina undergoing repairs for cosmetic damage caused by fire on an adjacent boat while we're staying in an apartment near the marina. Last Saturday was four weeks since YachtPaint started the repair work. They said it was a four week job and we were skeptical, but most is completed. The painting and anti fouling is complete, the mast is back up and the only remaining things are the pilot house special curved window (due next week), the VHF antenna (due any day), the hull's name transfers (due any day), replacement navigation light (due tomorrow) plus a couple of minor things. The job is excellent and Envoy gleams. Tomorrow the technicians from Internaftiki, Athens arrive to do a routine periodic service of the Naiad stabilisers, involving removing the fins and replacing the through-hull seals. This is a four to five day job and during this time we expect Sailand to complete most of their outstanding work. So we're looking at putting Envoy back in the water next wee...


    6/20/2017 03:30 comeonrover.com

    Petersburg, Sandborn Canal & Tracy Arm

    It’s a rainy afternoon here in Hoonah, and once again we need to catch up on the blog!  We’re here waiting to be able to enter Glacier Bay tomorrow.  It has been a lovely day in this small interesting town, but now we have a bit of time to enjoy a good glass of wine, … Continue reading Petersburg, Sandborn Canal & Tracy Arm →


    6/19/2017 20:37 oursloboda.com

    Video Episode #5

    Video Episode #5 Episode #5 features stunning Manzanillo, birds riding on the backs of turtles, tons of dolphins, the fishing village of Zihuatanejo, and making sure Dexter didn’t get eaten by a croc! If you weren’t already aware, I make these videos for Mike and I to re-live the memories and also to share a... Read More


    6/19/2017 09:27 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    June 2017: From the Azores to Gibraltar

    MON 12-JUN Jura is First Departing Horta HarborThe weather once again was quite pleasant, but also still quite cool with temps in the lower 60’s.  And the Commanders weather forecast for our planned route into the Mediterranean was also good enough. We had a lazy, peaceful morning while our agent, Duncan Sweet, processed our paperwork.  Just before 1100 Jura pulled up her anchor and headed out of the harbor, eventually turning north towards England and Scotland.  At approximately 1120 the remaining there boats – Angela, Moxie and Relish– also departed and headed towards Gibraltar, 1,128 nautical miles to the east. Aboard Relish our new mate, Michel, got the immediate opportunity to familiarize himself with the pilot house and nav/comm equipment as he took the first shift at the helm.  Michel is a veteran seaman and Nordhavn owner himself – check out N50-26 Sea Turtle if you ever have the chance. Leaving Horta in Our Wake For the initial part of this leg we experienced flat sea co...


    6/19/2017 05:51 feeds.feedburner.com

    Exumas Return ~ Exhale...

    It's nice to be back; though there was a disturbing moment as we walked onto the boat hearing a highwater alarm.  But, barring a faulty primary bilge pump, a quick look revealed all was well. Backup? Yeah, but still - Our stay in Jupiter was longer than we had expected. After all that had happened there was a lot to be taken care of and high-speed internet / reliable cell phone service certainly made life more manageable. Finally, after a week's stay, we caught a ride to Ft Lauderdale and hopped a little Watermakers plane back to Staniel Cay. Tucker had dispatched a small boat to pick us up and the last leg was a beautiful ride back to Compass and Istaboa. Crew Istaboa - Happily boarding the Watermakers flight back to the Exumas (Thanks to Norman, from Chicken Cay, for the pic) So, literally, at the end of the day, we're back on the boat; a bit tired, but happy to be home. For the first time in more than a week we've stopped to take a breath. Then an apt finale to a week that has ...


    6/16/2017 07:47 feeds.feedburner.com

    For Thought ‹

    Nordhavn 57-26 Istaboa


    6/16/2017 02:01 comeonrover.com

    Heading north from Ketchikan – Meyers Chuck, Wrangell & Petersburg

    Well, we’re behind on the blogging again.  So much to look at vs. a computer screen + so very little cell service (which is actually quite lovely) = no updates from the Jeffries.  So we’ll cram some time in here as we head north on Stephens Passage on a misty morning. After a last trip … Continue reading Heading north from Ketchikan – Meyers Chuck, Wrangell & Petersburg →


    6/16/2017 01:59 www.youtube.com

    We Blew Up our Favorite Sail- Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 123


    6/15/2017 15:39 mvduet.talkspot.com

    Pictures from Duet's Pacific Crossing

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    6/15/2017 12:37 www.northernrangeradventures.com

    Planes Boats and Automobiles

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    6/15/2017 05:54 mvdirona.com

    James Fort

    Construction began on James Fort in 1602 after the English victory over the Spanish and Irish in the 1601 Battle of Kinsale. The fort fell into neglect, and became known as “Old Fort”, once contruction began in 1678 on Charles Fort across the harbour. While James Fort isn’t nearly the tourist attraction that Charles Fort...


    6/14/2017 15:30 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn 52 "Nalani"


    6/13/2017 22:18 www.mvtanglewood.com

    Blasting Through to Sitka

    4/20/2017 The next part of our trip was a mostly business transit through to Sitka. First from Port McNeill around Cape Caution to Fury Cove. Fury Cove is a really pretty spot, so we stayed a second day and just hung out. Next we did a somewhat marathon run past Bella Bella and Shearwater, all the way to Bottleneck Cove. Then from Bottleneck into the Grenville Channel to Lowe Inlet and


    6/13/2017 02:55 mvdirona.com

    Kinsale Pub Crawl

    Despite our best efforts, we didn’t come close to visiting all the pubs in Kinsale, let alone all the restaurants. The problem seems as challenging as in Halifax, NS, despite Kinsale having a population of only 5,000 compared to Halifax’s 316,000. We’re told that at one point Kinsale had 38 pubs. And we didn’t have...


    6/12/2017 22:20 oursloboda.com

    Video Episode #4

    6.12.17 Still in Mexico 🙂 While I’m killing time land-lubbing in Mexico, I’m finally able to get caught up on editing all the videos from the last 6 months at sea. Here is the latest episode from our time in Barra de Navidad and Melaque, filled with the rare phenomenon of cruising with some incredible... Read More


    6/12/2017 19:00 www.mvtivoli.org

    Bermuda Update

    Bermuda is beautiful. It is wonderful to have several weeks in a place to fully explore the geography, the culture, the people, the beauty. It has been quite an extraordinary visit. Watching the America’s Cup events outside our window and on television at the same time is surreal. We’ve had the opportunity to visit several art museums, the botanical garden, the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, the southern coast beaches, quaint St. Georges and bustling Hamilton. The number and variety of superyachts, sail and power, in port for the AC have been fun to observe. The tall ships, the J boats, and smaller vessels of all sizes add to the color. While it’s busier than normal we couldn’t have picked a better time to visit the island. The AC and our friends on Roam have certainly enriched the experience.


    6/12/2017 10:25 mvdirona.com

    Charles Fort

    Charles Fort was completed in 1682 at Kinsale and is one of the largest military installations in Ireland. The fort is open to the public and receives over 85,000 visitors a year. It’s an easy 45-minute waterfront walk from the marina, with two pubs along the way. Trip highlights from May 27th in Kinsale, Ireland...


    6/12/2017 08:19 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    June 2017: A Few Days in the Azores

    FRI 09-JUN It had felt SO GOOD to sleep through a night without bouncing around in the bunk, and we awoke to windy but otherwise tolerable conditions. We had a relaxing morning catching up with nearly two weeks of emails over hot and strong coffee. By early afternoon rain had ended and skies started to clear. Horta's Harbor James Knight (of Yacht Tech and Rob Cote (of OceanCurrents Marine) showed up at the pier as scheduled to address some maintenance issues which the fleet had documented along the way.  They had flown in from Palm Beach, Florida the day before. The main problem for James to solve was aboard Relish, and that was to install two forced-air ventilation fans in the rear bulkhead of the engine room – the passive vents were proven to be wholly inadequate for keeping engine room temps within an acceptable range, even in a mild climate.  The central issue for Rob was to address Moxie’s inoperative KVH satellite phone system.  Both of those key maintenance items were comple...


    6/12/2017 03:08 kapowaicruising.com

    Tennyson Inlet

    After a spell alongside in Havelock it was time to do a trip so we decided to do a 3 day trip round the outer sounds. Steaming along the Tawhitinui Reach looking back into Beatrix Bay.   Beautiful day, calm and sunny. Looking directly astern at Tawero Point which we had rounded shortly before. The … Continue reading Tennyson Inlet


    6/11/2017 09:43 feeds.feedburner.com


    Envoy is in Lefkas Marina undergoing repairs for cosmetic damage caused by fire on an adjacent boat. We spent last week in Corfu with our friend Chris but are now back in Lefkas staying in an apartment near the marina. It's now three weeks since YachtPaint started Envoy's repairs. Progress has been slightly slower than we expected but they are still saying it will take four weeks, meaning completion in one week. However looking at Envoy on Saturday we can't envisage this and expect a further week or so and then one to two weeks to complete various other jobs that can't be done while YachtPaint are working. This includes a routine 5-yearly service of the Naiad stabilisers involving changing over the fins' through hull seals scheduled to take about 4-5 days but if time becomes a problem we can post-phone this to next season. YachtPaint's first task was lifting off Envoy's aluminium mast to ground level. It's been sanded back and primed for repainting with two-pot epoxy, including sandb...


    6/11/2017 03:24 mvdirona.com

    Cork, Ireland

    Cork is Ireland’s second largest city and is about a 45-minute bus ride from Kinsale. The main reason we went there was to pickup a SIM card for cellular data, and after we we had a great time touring around this urban but historic river city and, of course, checking out a couple of pubs....


    6/10/2017 12:55 comeonrover.com

    Ketchikan or Bust!

    After a whirlwind few weeks that involved flying to Tennessee to watch Kirsten race in the Big 12 Championships, some focused effort on work (the real work – not boat work), finishing boat projects, taking a 4 day trip to the San Juan Islands with 2 college kids, a dog and the new electronics, and … Continue reading Ketchikan or Bust! →


    6/10/2017 08:54 www.seabirdlrc.com

    Catching up (and some big news)

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    6/10/2017 03:27 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    May-June 2017: Bermuda to the Azores

    MON 29-MAY The 3 Person Helm Watch / Shift Schedule Aboard Relish We needed to modify our watch duty shifts aboard Relish for this very long leg with only three crew members aboard. (Gary departed back on our 3rd day in Bermuda to accommodate other commitments.  It wouldn’t take long for us to start missing him.)  Our shift protocol on Relish also called for the new watch stander to first conduct the standard engine room checks – also known affectionately as “hugging your Lugger”.  At this point we are varying 3 to 4 hour shifts throughout the 24 hour period (now including fixed shifts during the day) and with a varying rotation – an interesting experiment since every few days that means one is assigned two closely clustered shifts.  On the other hand the opposite is also true – periodically one gets extra “time off.”  But basically it’s still an experiment in maritime sleep deprivation. In addition to helm shifts, another common practice among voyaging vessels is for the crew to e...


    6/9/2017 10:14 feeds.feedburner.com

    LED headlamp beanie, your boat may need one

    Written for Panbo by Ben Ellison This LED beanie has gotten a lot of use since a knowing Secret Santa gifted it to me at our family Chrismakah celebration, and I think it would make an excellent Father's Day gift for many dads I know. Or maybe you just need to buy one for yourself, in which case the magic words apply: "I need it for the boat"...


    6/9/2017 06:16 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    May 2017: Last Few Days in Bermuda

    THU 25-MAY The Crew of Relish: Silvio, Gary, Chelle & Rick At around 0800 all boats departed their Med-Moorings and headed to the long concrete Penno wharf to meet the fuel truck.  With the longest leg of the crossing coming up, and with fuel priced at $0.81 per liter (about $3.07 per gallon), each boat topped off their tanks.  Relish took on 4,045 liters, or roughly 1,068 gallons of diesel.  Given that we’d traveled a total of 1400+ nautical miles since the last fill-up, that calculated to an average of 1.3 NMPG, a fairly efficient burn rate given we were also running the 20KW genset a good portion of the time. Cap'n Bernie, Gary, Chelle & Rick on Relish All that took half a day, and then we headed just across the harbor to drop the hook and wait out the approaching weather.  Aleoli took the opportunity to have a diver clean its running gear, and Relish was hunting down a plumber to help with reconnecting its ice maker.  (We were tiring of using egg cartons and muffin pans to m...


    6/9/2017 03:00 www.youtube.com

    Scuba Diving and Muddy Adventures on Isle St. Marie- Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 122


    6/8/2017 20:46 comeonrover.com

    Navigation System Upgrade

    It has been a while since I first started the demo work on Red Rover’s electronics.  I am just now posting the install/completion story, not that we just finished it up, but we have had our nose to the grindstone working to prepare for our trip to Alaska.  I am starting this story while having … Continue reading Navigation System Upgrade →


    6/8/2017 07:13 feeds.feedburner.com

    Islands Interuptus

    Just as we'd eased into the restful state of mind that being in the Exumas brings about, the phone rings and reality says hello. Life's been good. Lots of old acquaintances have surfaced, some we see often around Jupiter, others we haven't caught up with in years. The weather's been nice, hot, but better than you'd expect for June. And to keep my mind from lulling into total cognitive dissonance, we've enjoyed taking on a little technology refresh project on a nearby island. The famous "Pickle Barrel Houses"  Of course a stay at Compass Cay wouldn't be complete without a visit by Beacon Won. Capt Bruce and Sheila brought in a charter crew from Memphis. It was interesting to see folks from home all the way down here in the Exumas. They were shocked to see homeys as well. From aboard Beacon Won... another stunning Compass Cay Sunset As always, Capt. Bruce invited us over for a Fried Turkey Dinner... and as always a feast aboard Beacon Won was enjoyed Just as we were about to say ...


    6/7/2017 14:12 www.northernrangeradventures.com

    7 days, one short layover, 750 miles... DONE!


    6/7/2017 13:23 www.kensblog.com

    [Kensblog] Testing the use of video in my blog entries – Flying Kenmore Air

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    6/7/2017 09:59 www.northernrangeradventures.com

    Thoughts From The Night Watch


    6/7/2017 09:55 www.northernrangeradventures.com

    June 6th.... moving along !


    6/6/2017 04:16 mvdirona.com

    North Atlantic Gales

    On our 2,800nm North Atlantic passage from Newport, RI to Ireland we passed through three gales. The first two were in the initial week of the passage, before we turned the corner south of the Grand Banks. It was during the first gale that we battled a water ingress issue that set off alarms a...


    6/6/2017 04:15 www.youtube.com

    North Atlantic Gales (MV Dirona channel)


    6/5/2017 23:35 www.mvtanglewood.com

    Yaculta and Dent Rapids

    4/17/2017 Yaculta and Dent Rapids Our past trips north through southern BC have always been pretty direct runs north our south, and we have always gone via Seymour Narrows, Discovery Channel, and Johnstone Strait. This time we decided to take the more inland route and pass through Yaculta and Dent Rapids. These are some of the more treacherous rapids in the PWN with high currents, whirlpools,


    6/5/2017 20:27 feeds.feedburner.com

    Dylan Speaks

    And articulates like he sings — his words like his lyrics — draw images Truly worth your time to listen to in it's entirety -  Nordhavn 57-26 Istaboa


    6/5/2017 19:34 www.mvtanglewood.com

    Underway for Summer Cruising

    4/15/2017, Vancouver Our summer boating got underway early this year. There is one, and only one thing on the agenda: Prince William Sound in Alaska. We will visit lots of other places along the way, but the one imperative is PWS. Our hopes of getting there the past two summers didn’t work out for one reason or another, but we decided we didn’t want to leave the area without going, so it’s


    6/5/2017 03:02 mvdirona.com

    A More Flexible Power System for Panacea

    In 2014 we published A More Flexible Power System for Dirona. This article ran in the April 2016 PassageMaker issue and aspects of this design have been offered as options on new Nordhavn builds. Since that article was published there has been considerable progress in lithium-ion battery technologies. All forms of Li-Ion battery technology offer...


    6/4/2017 04:52 www.pendanablog.com

    Guest Interview Christopher and Diana Dent – Colibri N50

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    6/3/2017 15:43 www.northernrangeradventures.com

    June 2, 2017 - Delivery trip… Northern Ranger I Cabo to Ensenada…June Bashing..


    6/3/2017 13:25 n60blossom.blogspot.com

    Moving up the Chesapeake

    After almost 2 weeks at home we returned to Blossom ready to head north. We took on over 1500 gallons of diesel, provisioned for fresh food, and were ready to head out in a couple of days. We enjoyed our last 2 days at AYB watching the steady flow of northbound boats. The procession One of the passing boats heading north Some of their passengers have been hanging around a long time 😊 We had a calm cruise up to Norfolk passing through 1 lock and under 2 bridges we needed to open for us. We planned to leave early to avoid the rush as boats depart the southern marina, Coinjock, first thing in the morning and head north.  As it turns out, we dodged a bit of a bullet by doing so. We made the 9 am opening of Great Bridge with several other boats, (we weren’t quite early enough!). The next bridge we needed opening was two bridges next to each other. A bascule railway bridge and a lift highway bridge. We had to wait for about 15 minutes as the railway bridge was taking forever to open. Bo...


    6/2/2017 10:11 grandbanks39.com

    Woodard Bay Conservation Area

    The girls wanted to get the kayaks out, so we piled three of them on Yes Please and headed out for the Woodard Bay Conservation Area near Olympia. The water side of this beautiful area consists of an abandoned (and very long) railroad pier that is a nursery to hundreds of bats and several old […]


    6/2/2017 09:05 feeds.feedburner.com

    NMEA to WiFi gateways: TeamSurv's & FloatHub

    Written for Panbo by Ben Ellison When it rains, it pours (particularly at Panbo HQ this "spring"). NMEA-to-WiFi bridges are quite useful -- mainly for getting basic boat data like depth, GPS, and wind into the wonderful world of marine mobile apps -- and there have been numerous choices for a while. But yesterday TeamSurv started offering an interesting and notably inexpensive new bridge on KickStarter, and the intriguing FloatHub bridge and monitoring system will join it there soon...


    6/2/2017 07:22 feeds.feedburner.com

    The Exumas

    Been a while, but it still feels like home. After pulling out of Ft Lauderdale, early, in the dark, we eased away from Port Everglades cut and pointed east toward Great Harbour Cay. We didn't get much help from the Gulf Stream so I pushed the throttle a bit and saw 10+ knots. Our course computer calculated we'd make it in around 6:30PM, but we beat that by about 30 minutes and motored through the rock cut leading to the marina only to find the place empty. No problem finding a slip. After tying up and washing a layer of salt off Istaboa, we walked up the stone steps past the still drained pool to Rocky Hills Bar and there enjoyed a pleasant dinner of pan fried fresh Wahoo. It was excellent and as always the company and conversations were too. The next morning came with a fresh breeze and we could tell it was going to be a bit lumpy out, but we knew the wind was going to get worse before getting better — so we slogged into the rough on the east side of the Berrys and took it on our no...


    6/2/2017 03:00 www.youtube.com

    Our Sailing Life in Madagascar! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 121


    5/31/2017 19:00 www.mvtivoli.org

    Longtails and Tall Ships

    The days are a blur and passing too quickly. The open ocean tropic bird, the Longtail, has arrived in Bermuda for their spring nesting. Every morning a half-dozen circle Tivoli feeding and chirping their distinctive call; by mid-afternoon they disappear into their shoreside nests where they tend to a single egg. Beautiful white with black markings and a long tail feather they are fun to photograph. Although I’ve taken and deleted dozens of photos I have yet to capture the image I seek. This one is not the best but gives you the idea. We bade farewell to my brother Jim at a taxi station in Hamilton. He had a very long trip back to Seattle. He, as always, was great to have aboard. Our crossing from Florida would have been much more difficult without his help. After his departure we left our first anchorage in search of a more protected spot; we are expecting a front to move through with more northerly winds. We found a lovely spot surrounded by islands and a good view of Gibbs Hill L...


    5/31/2017 08:05 mvdirona.com

    Newport to Kinsale

    We completed our Fastnet-to-Fastnet run and arrived into Kinsale, Ireland after a 17-day, 2,801 nm crossing of the North Atlantic. And we shared our first pint at an Irish pub—we’d been looking forward to that from almost the moment we left Newport. This was by far our most difficult passage we have done, with three...


    5/30/2017 08:30 feeds.feedburner.com

    Is it true news that "NOAA wants to stop making NOAA charts"?

    Written for Panbo by Ben Ellison I'm a longtime fan of Landfall Navigation and I'm sure their intentions were good when they emailed this call to action Friday afternoon. But please don't file a comment or call your congressman without looking deeper into the "news" that NOAA plans to discontinue all (paper-chart-like) raster files. In my read the end of rasters is only a far future possibility suggested in a recently published National Charting Plan that has some real meat (discussed below), and I'd be flabbergasted if it happened soon, or ever at the expense of important chart detail. Let's judge NOAA on facts, not fearful conjecture...


    5/29/2017 07:31 www.pendanablog.com

    Pendana arrives in San Francisco

    Start your own blog now! Free!


    5/29/2017 00:30 feeds.feedburner.com

    Happy 100th Birthday - JFK

    Interesting Washington Post article — On JFK’s 100th birthday Nordhavn 57-26 Istaboa


    5/27/2017 19:00 www.mvtivoli.org

    Race Day!

    We caught the 10:30 ferry to America’s Cup Village to take in the opening day races. Bermuda has gone “all out” and spent 2 years building this venue. It is spectacular. Turquoise waters, great facilities, giant screens to view the television coverage, food stands, plenty of drink stands, VIP lounges, sponsor tents (BMW, Oracle, Louis Vuitton, etc), even a grandstand to watch the racers cross the finish line right in front of the spectators. Opening statements by Bermuda’s Premier and an appearance by actor Michael Douglas round out the formalities and the races are on. We watch the first race, the USA’s Oracle team vs. the French competitor, Groupama. Oracle walked away with a lengthy 30+ second lead and crossed the finish line alone but spectacular in any event. I stand at the rail shooting a zillion photos taking in the spectacle. The America’s Cup boats (AC45’s) are incredible feats of engineering. They are lightweight 3000 pound carbon-fiber, 44-foot long, 23 ft wide foiling cat...


    5/26/2017 11:17 oursloboda.com

    The Islands

    5.26.17 Sea of Cortez, Mexico I am awake, but my eyes are still softly closed, laying in bed, in the cozy coma that is the comfortable middle place between deep sleep and wide awake. My first thought, where are we? I am in my home, in my bed, waking up just like any other morning.... Read More


    5/26/2017 06:38 shearmadness72.com

    2017-05 Front Street Shipyard

    May 26, 2017 Our next blog will contain details of our upcoming trip north to the Artic for the summer. For now, we have taken Shear Madness off the market and will decide later this year whether we want to return to land soon, or continue to cruise for a couple more years. Stay tuned! […]


    5/26/2017 02:59 www.youtube.com

    In Search of Pirates! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 120


    5/25/2017 23:04 www.southernstarnz.com

    The Real World?


    5/25/2017 19:00 www.mvtivoli.org


    The 18-mile run inside the reef down to Hamilton was uneventful. The route is traveled by cruise ships bound for The Dockyard (home of the Americas Cup venue) and is deep and well marked. As we pass we see the race venue, the AC boats, a couple cruise ships and a couple mega yachts. This should be fun! We arrive in Granaway Deep, a designated anchorage, and start scanning for potential spots to drop the hook. We'd like protection from forecast strong southwesterly winds and a short tender run into Hamilton. We leave Granaway, weaving our way past several islands. We end up in Hamilton Bay proper with a terrific view of the city but the holding is not great. We make several attempts to set the anchor and eventually settle on a spot. I watch a chartplotter zoomed in to maximum and see that Tivoli is holding quite nicely. So, we launch the tender and join our friends on Roam for the short run to the public dock. It seems the size of a postage stamp but it will have to do, there are no oth...


    5/25/2017 08:21 feeds.feedburner.com

    Two Steps Forward — One Back

    No, haven't moved yet. After the davit fix we splashed the tender to run the engine. Well, that didn't go as planned. Hopefully the fix will happen today and we'll leave soon. There's a few days of nice weather coming up and we hope to take advantage of that. But, it's all good. We moved onto the boat a couple of weeks ago hoping to quickly go through any boat issues before taking off to wherever and we have. Not many problems really, but the little fixes and weather has kept us here at the dock. It's taken a few days but we've acclimated. One can easily become accustomed to the comforts of a dirt home. We've traded a king size tempurpedic bed for a notapedic island queen and the bathrooms don't compare, but after a few days we've rekindled our love for Istaboa and life afloat. We're looking forward to getting underway, but as stated above... it's all good. Cheers, Nordhavn 57-26 Istaboa


    5/24/2017 21:53 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn video: Nordhavn 52 "Cap Ternay"


    5/24/2017 20:42 comeonrover.com

    Winslow Life Raft Recertification

    When we purchased Red Rover almost a year ago, we knew the Winslow 6 person liferaft was in need of recertification.  Winslow states service is required every three years and ours had been almost 5 years.  This was on the to do list prior to departing for Alaska in early June.  When I looked at Westpac’s … Continue reading Winslow Life Raft Recertification →


    5/24/2017 18:18 oursloboda.com

    Cheers to 6 Months

    5.24.17 Current Location: La Paz, Mexico Today marks 6 months since we crossed the border to Mexico on our beautiful 47 Nordhavn Sloboda. A half a year later and I can’t believe we are still going strong, living and cruising aboard Sloboda. As of today, we’ve cruised Sloboda 3,013 nautical miles which is comparably the... Read More


    5/24/2017 16:54 oursloboda.com

    I Know How I Know You

    5.24.17 (Note: This post is from Mazatlan a few weeks ago but I haven’t had internet to post it.) I stood in the glaring sun amongst a group of eight other people, my black Teva’s warming on the hot concrete dock beneath us. My mind raced, my thoughts were anywhere but the present. I know... Read More


    5/24/2017 16:46 mvduet.talkspot.com

    Pacific Ocean Crossing


    5/24/2017 11:35 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    May 2017: The Leg to Bermuda

    PRELUDE We are in Bermuda and back online for a short spell.  This is a “catch up post” that summarizes the past week that we’ve been at sea and mostly off the grid.  I say “mostly” because we are able to communicate on a limited basis with Silvio’s satellite phone if needed, and also text messages via our Garmin inReach device.  Both have come in handy for occasional “ops normal” reporting, as well as a few technical assistance items that popped up along the way (with James at Yacht Tech (LINK), who was very responsive and helpful, as was Bob Senter.) Our inReach Tracking & Messaging Site We also can – and usually do if Rick remembers – post at least a daily message to our inReach tracking web site (LINK)….when you visit there to view our track and current position, if you look in the left pane and expand it by clicking on the arrow (>) you will see a list of the messages we have transmitted along the way.  Or in the map display, message boxes will appear along our track – just cl...


    5/23/2017 11:30 feeds.feedburner.com

    Monitoring 2017: Siren, QuikTrak, DotMobile, Yacht Protector, GOST, Maretron, Boat Command & GoFree

    Written for Panbo by Ben Ellison There was so much going on with remote boat monitoring, tracking, and control at the Miami International Boat Show that I started wondering if 2017 would be the year this technology takes off. I've long thought that many boat owners would really appreciate the peace of mind offered by good monitoring if only they experienced it. And while this hardware/service category is confusing because there are so many things that can be done in so many ways, wow, there sure are a lot of companies that hope to help you experience it...


    5/23/2017 05:37 mvdirona.com

    527 Miles To Ireland

    In over 13,000 engine hours and some 95,000 miles of travel, we’ve never had a mechanical emergency at sea and never have had to distrub the off-watch person to deal with an issue. This happened twice on the passage from Newport to Ireland, the first was the high bilge water alarm last week during James’...


    5/23/2017 04:17 n4329.tumblr.com



    5/23/2017 04:03 n4329.tumblr.com

    A trip abroad provided an opportunity to shop for a possible...

    A trip abroad provided an opportunity to shop for a possible replacement for Navigator. We looked at several options, this one being the largest. In fact it may be too much for a cruising couple, and it looks like we will need to continue our search. She does look good at anchor! The pilot house is a bit dated, but the salon is very elegant.


    5/22/2017 19:00 www.mvtivoli.org


    It seemed to take forever. We reach the southwest corner of Bermuda after dark. Gibbs Hill Light shines brightly, buildings on shore and car traffic offer a glimpse of civilization's hustle. We yearn to touch land, yet there are many miles to go and they pass ever so slowly. We weave our way through the many navigation lights and finally reach St David's Head, we contact Bermuda Radio and they direct us into Town Cut and to Customs on Ordinance Island. It is finally calm as we ghost past dozens of anchored boats. Getting in to Customs is tricky, the lights of surrounding vessels and shoreside buildings makes it difficult to identify the narrow channel entrance. After weaving through the mooring field we finally arrive and tie up to a rickety wooden dock barely long enough to accommodate our two vessels. After five days at sea and 1036 nautical miles we set foot on land. Bermuda Customs officials were very efficient and had us checked in shortly. We cast off and made our way back out t...


    5/22/2017 10:09 grandbanks39.com

    Memorial Day

    Blue skies, sunshine and no wind were in the marine forecast after months of nothing but rain, so we grabbed a bag of groceries and headed out for the peaceful waters of Puget Sound. We were not disappointed, even arriving at the outstation late Friday evening, just before the sun set. The dog quickly got […]


    5/22/2017 07:35 feeds.feedburner.com

    Dispatch from the N.A.P.

    It seems after pounding through harsh conditions, paying their dues for the first day or two, old Neptune has given that bold fleet of Nordhavns a bit of a break. Messages and blog posts indicate things have settled into a nice cruise for the North Atlantic Passage crews. This morning's position points to an arrival sometime tonight. Tivoli sends out real-time blog posts from aboard so I'm sure we'll receive a report later. Meanwhile back at the ranch... We're just wrapping up preparations on Istaboa and waiting for a nice 3 day weather window to give us pleasurable sea conditions to cross to the Exumas.  Typical late May weather patterns have prevailed. Puffy Southeast winds creating nasty head seas would make for  a miserable ride to the islands. So we're taking our time and going through all the systems needed for an extended stay. Credit, where credit's due: Shout out to James Knight for mending our davit; I don't think anyone else could, or would, have done it. He diagnosed a...


    5/22/2017 05:02 feeds.feedburner.com


    Envoy is in Lefkas Marina undergoing repairs for cosmetic damage caused by fire on an adjacent boat while we're living ashore in a nearby village. Tomorrow, Tuesday it's a month since we got back to Lefkas and progress seems to have been painfully slow, but on Friday we got the insurer's approval to proceed with repairs and our repair contractor, YachtPaint, started today. In fact they were on the job by 0830 – the earliest we can ever recall a contractor turning up for work on Envoy. Let's hope that's a good omen! We had expected repairs to start much sooner but with insurance there is a process to go through and here's a timeline of this whole affair so far:Tue 25/4: arrive Lefkas the day of fire Thu 27/4: meet assessor and YachtPaint manager Fri 28/4: receive quote from YachtPaint to clean Envoy of fire debris and forward to insurer Sun 30/4: organise accommodation and rental car as we can't live on board Tue 1/5: insurers approve cleaning quote Thu 4/5 – Fri 5/5: crane hoist...


    5/22/2017 04:12 www.pendanablog.com

    San Juan Islands


    5/21/2017 19:00 www.mvtivoli.org


    We knew it wouldn't last. After 3 days of nearly flat seas a front has moved through and given us modest 5-6 foot seas and 13 knot winds. But they are on the nose and we have been pounding into them all day. Our progress has slowed to 7 knots. We've covered 984 nm and have 34 hard miles to go to our first Bermuda waypoint, then another two hour run in to St. George's. We won't arrive till midnight or later. We expect to anchor in Powder Hole tonight and run over to Ordinance Island in the morning to clear customs. Roam remains off our starboard bow, the rest of the fleet should have arrived. All is well aboard Tivoli.


    5/20/2017 19:00 www.mvtivoli.org


    The vastness of planet Earth is never more palpable than when far at sea. Stars shine brightly from horizon to horizon with no light pollution to block the magnificent view. The inky blackness of a moonless night on a calm sea makes one feel as though you are suspended in space, gliding gracefully along 3 miles above the sea floor. I sit in our comfortable pilothouse monitoring our place in this vastness to an accuracy of 3-4 feet. The dim glow of our array of instruments surrounds me, each with its story to tell, all of which collectively inform our state of health and progress toward our destination. I consider how easy today's technology makes such travel possible and am in awe of the old salts crossing oceans with little more than a sextant and a timepiece. Crude charts, little understanding of currents, no weather, no communications, and no accurate position data. Amazing. Of course, even with today's technology, the trawler cruising lifestyle isn't easy. The luxuries come with c...


    5/19/2017 19:00 www.mvtivoli.org


    Sunshine, blue skies, calm seas. Another beautiful day aboard Tivoli. We are 633 nautical miles into the trip. (Note I avoided the abbreviation nm which my spellchecker automatically changes to mm, several ended up in my last post, embarrassing but I figure you could surmise we traveled 300 nautical miles rather than 300 millimeters or 1 foot). Another 383 miles to go. Weather should remain good till late tomorrow when we could get a front moving through. Seas and winds should still be in the "doable" range. We are in the "Ground Hog Day" stage of the voyage, every day is much the same as we watch our vessel's icon inch across the chart. Our friends on Roam caught a 5-foot Mahi Mahi, Moxie caught a 6-foot Marlin, Tivoli caught a 6-inch flying fish (no pole, no bait, no skill). Pretty quiet day. Deanna did some laundry, we made some water, and generally lounged around watching the world go by. Tough life.


    5/19/2017 02:59 www.youtube.com

    The Perfect Ocean Passage! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 119


    5/18/2017 10:38 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn video: Nordhavn 55 "Rhapsody"


    5/18/2017 06:55 feeds.feedburner.com


    We are staying ashore in the hills behind Lefkas Marina, Greece where Envoy is on the hardstand awaiting repairs to heat and soot damage caused by fire on a nearby boat. It's over three weeks since the fire and not much has happened except for a major clean-up so the damage could be properly assessed. The broken windows and portholes have also been removed for repair so that's a start. These windows are a bit unusual since each toughened glass pane is set into a stainless steel frame which is then sealed into a further stainless steel frame attached to the GRP cabin's window cavity. All the windows have rounded corners and one is slightly curved as well. The insurance assessor and local contractors tell us that usually the boat's manufacturer supplies replacements for broken windows but Nordhavn told us they don't stock these, and in fact haven't been very helpful at all.The quote to repair Envoy was received Tuesday and it will take several days to get insurer's approval for work to ...


    5/17/2017 20:19 feeds.feedburner.com

    Here Ya Go —

    For those who want a Porsche and a boat. And, it's only $13M.  You better hurry, they're only making 7. Nordhavn 57-26 Istaboa


    5/17/2017 09:23 www.youtube.com

    WE HAVE A WINNER!! Patreon Crew Contest Winner Announcement!