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The GSSR group in 2015, together for the first time this year. L to R: Roberta Williams, Braun Jones, Steven Argosy, Ken Williams, Tina Jones, Carol Argosy

[KensBlog] The GSSR reunites in Spain!

In just a few days Roberta, the dogs and myself will fly home to Seattle. For us, the season is over. Three weeks from now Sans Souci will load onto a freighter also destined for Seattle.  We’re not sure when we’ll see her next. It could be Florida, when the boat changes freighters, but our best guess is that it will be sometime next spring in Seattle. We’re hoping the boat arrives in Seattle soon enough that we can do whatever repairs we want to do prior to next summer’s Pacific Northwest cru...
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We had a good seat for the show (that's Sans Souci in the background) -- but, given that there are two levels of restaurants behind us, I won't be putting water in the hot tub. The girls are enough of a show for the diners.

[KensBlog] Serendipity

Roberta always says that her favorite word in the world is, "Serendipity." It means an unexpected happy event. And, that describes our day yesterday... We woke up at 6am, at anchor at Formentera. We knew bad weather was coming and that we were going to be moving somewhere better protected from the swell. Step one was to look at the weather services. Reports tend to be updated every six hours so we wanted the latest information. I looked at the reports before Roberta and said to her, "We're...
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The two-sided beach at Formentera stretches for miles.

[KensBlog] The wrong way to start a day

  •  8/20/2015 1:12:47 PM
Our goal this morning was to shift from our anchorage on the island of Ibiza to another anchorage on the island of Formentera. It would be a fairly short ride, only about 9 miles, so I didn’t want to hassle putting the tender onto the bow. I wanted to pull it behind the boat. My tow rope frazzled a couple days ago and I hacked together something I thought would work, but then wanted to add a second line to it. I figured that if my primary line broke I’d still have the backup and wouldn’t los...
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I wish that I had been bolder with the camera earlier in the day when the sun made a brief appearance. But… somehow taking pictures around the beach felt creepy. It would have been nice to show some of the bathing suits and cover-ups. My sense is that a lot of money gets spent on these things, despite their not being much cloth involved.

[KensBlog] Rocking Keeley – Party Animal!

  •  8/19/2015 7:15:47 AM
We had planned several days in San Antonio, but the weather has been dictating our schedule, and yesterday morning the weather charts were telling us that it was time to move. This is the first we’ve ever cruised where we’ve spent more time studying swell (wave) height than wind speed. There really hasn’t been much wind, and in fact the absence of wind has been part of the problem. With no wind to keep the boat pointed a particular direction we are at the mercy of the swell turning the boat si...
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Looking out from the beach at Sans Souci, happily sitting at anchor

[KensBlog] At rest stabilization? An email from a blog reader

  •  8/18/2015 10:42:47 AM
Sans Souci is now anchored at Es Torrent Ibiza, about two miles out of San Antonio. We had been warned that the anchoring at San Antonio would be noisy and crowded with poor holding. Instead we looked on Google Earth to find a place with lots of sand that would be close enough for a quick tender ride. Es Torrent has turned out to be a great choice. We tendered in for a very nice dinner last night. It is sometimes a challenge to find a place to put a tender, but we found a place that rented wat...
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Cala Xarraca, Ibiza, Spain

[KensBlog] Welcome to Ibiza

  •  8/17/2015 9:42:47 AM
We were up at 6am for our 60 mile run from the island of Mallorca to the smaller island of Ibiza. Wikipedia has this to say about Ibiza: Ibiza has become famous for the association with nightlife and the electronic music that originated on the island. It is well known for its summer club scene which attracts very large numbers of tourists, though the island's government and the Spanish Tourist Office have controversially been working to promote more family-oriented tourism Wikipedia Ibiz...
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