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    [kensblog] Sans Souci gets a new life

    Sans Souci is in Seattle! I still think of Sans Souci as our “new boat.” It replaced a smaller boat from the same manufacturer (a Norhavn 62 which bore the same name.) I remember when she was built and all the excitement of customizing her, traveling to Taiwan to watch her built, waiting anxiously as she was delivered to the US aboard a freighter, and finally starting the engines for the first time. That was only about eight years ago, but since that time she has taken us over thirty thousan...

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  • Sans Souci in Florida awaiting transport to the west coast

    [Kensblog] Sans Souci is in Florida

    I was surprised by this article in a Palm Beach newspaper showing Sans Souci moored in front of a restaurant in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Article in Palm Beach Newspaper Those of you visiting the Ft Lauderdale boat show have a good chance of seeing Sans Souci! Our hope is to put Sans Souci on a freighter and have her delivered to the West Coast sometime before Christmas. I’ve started work on a list of winter projects and will post that list here sometime in the next few days. For now, th...

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  • The GSSR, at Kodiak, Alaska

    [KensBlog] End of the Road

    It’s the end of a very long road. The journey that began in May 2009 when three boats -- Grey Pearl, Seabird and Sans Souci -- departed Seattle has now concluded. We covered over 20,000 miles visiting Canada, Alaska, the Bering Sea, the Aleutian Islands, Siberia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Turkey, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Sicily, Malta, France and Spain. It was the trip of a lifetime. We met incredible people, cruised places off the beaten path, experienced a wide variety of cult...

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  • Port Adriano viewed from the air

    [KensBlog] Last Day In Paradise

    I am working on a final blog entry that will wrap-up and summarize our season. I should post that in the next few days. In the meantime, here is a brief video I shot with my drone on our last day at Port Adriano. It doesn’t have much to do with boating, other than it begins by showing a bit of the squall that hit us while sitting in port. The morning started fine and looked to be a nice day, but as I was sitting at my computer early in the morning I noticed the captain and stewardess (yes – ...

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  • The GSSR group in 2015, together for the first time this year. L to R: Roberta Williams, Braun Jones, Steven Argosy, Ken Williams, Tina Jones, Carol Argosy

    [KensBlog] The GSSR reunites in Spain!

    In just a few days Roberta, the dogs and myself will fly home to Seattle. For us, the season is over. Three weeks from now Sans Souci will load onto a freighter also destined for Seattle.  We’re not sure when we’ll see her next. It could be Florida, when the boat changes freighters, but our best guess is that it will be sometime next spring in Seattle. We’re hoping the boat arrives in Seattle soon enough that we can do whatever repairs we want to do prior to next summer’s Pacific Northwest cru...

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  • We had a good seat for the show (that's Sans Souci in the background) -- but, given that there are two levels of restaurants behind us, I won't be putting water in the hot tub. The girls are enough of a show for the diners.

    [KensBlog] Serendipity

    Roberta always says that her favorite word in the world is, 'Serendipity.' It means an unexpected happy event. And, that describes our day yesterday... We woke up at 6am, at anchor at Formentera. We knew bad weather was coming and that we were going to be moving somewhere better protected from the swell. Step one was to look at the weather services. Reports tend to be updated every six hours so we wanted the latest information. I looked at the reports before Roberta and said to her, 'We're...

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