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[KensBlog 2014-Entry-10] Homeward Bound

Welcome to Ken's Blog! Greetings! My apologies for this report coming out weeks after when I should have sent it. You may have heard that the Cabo San Lucas area, where Roberta and I live four to five months a year, had a direct hit by a Cat 3/4 hurricane. I am the President of our ... More>
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[KensBlog 2014-08-Entry-9] Arrivederci Seabird!

Welcome to Ken's Blog! Greetings! Our 2014 cruising season is nearing the end, but isn't over quite yet. We've had a lot of adventures these past couple of weeks and seen some amazing sights! As you read the blog entry that follows, the pictures below will help you ... More>
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[KensBlog 2014-Entry-8] Everyone knows it's Windy

Welcome to Ken's Blog! Greetings! Here's an overview of the locations covered in this blog entry: This blog entry covers our journey from Ponza to Sardinia (which is in Italy), our passage across the Bonifacio Strait, and our time in southern Corsica (which is ... More>
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