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North Pole 08 - The Final Chapter

Our near North Pole expedition is winding down. All that is left now is the long journey home. This is my last blog entry until June when our cruising will start up again. There are many of you who are new to my blog, and joined us just for this journey. Normally my blog chronicles ... More>
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North Pole 07 - Svalbard

Greetings all! Our first evening in Svalbard was ruined by events at home. Anyone who knows Roberta and I knows that our dogs, Toundra and Keeley, are an integral part of our lives. They accompany us wherever we go, and even our cruising schedule is affected, and limited, by the countries ... More>
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North Pole 06 - Welcome to Oslo Norway

Greetings all! First .. some brief notes about this blog. If you are reading this via email, and wish to send me a comment. Be careful when you hit "reply". If you just hit reply and do not put my email address, your comment will be posted to the blog directly. I've had several of ... More>
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