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[Kensblog 2017-04] A riddle for you to think about

Start of the trail to the lake. The tree stump you see has a sign on it that says “TRAIL” and the beach is barely visible at the center of the picture
One of the greater challenges of cruising in the Pacific NW is dealing with tides and currents. The water levels rise and fall large distances (today, around fifteen feet) four times a day. As the water rises and lowers huge amounts of water moves creating currents. Roberta and I spent the last few days anchored in a large bay called “Turnbull Cove.” One of the fun things to do in Turnbull Cove is to hike to a nearby lake. The hike is short; only about a half mile. To do the hike you park yo...
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[KensBlog 2017-03] Sullivan Bay

Roberta and Keely busted and in the Sullivan Bay jail. Fortunately I was able to bail them out
Roberta and I have cruised 40,000 miles, but amazingly we have never really cruised our own home waters; the Pacific Northwest. I’m the culprit, not Roberta. I am not into fishing, and I don’t like cruising in cold water. I guess I can’t say that we’ve never cruised the area, because we did pass through here on our way to Alaska in 2009, but we were moving quickly in a hurry on our way to Japan. And, we cruised the region twenty years ago, in a much smaller boat, never making it this far nor...
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[KensBlog] 2017-02 Dent Island to Port McNeil

Sans Souci sitting at Shoal Bay
Greetings all! Roberta and I have started our 2017 cruising season! After a week of spoiling ourselves at Dent Island Lodge (sleeping on the boat but enjoying the resort’s great service and amenities) we started plotting our route to reach the Broughton Islands, near the tip of Vancouver Island, approximately 300 miles south of Ketchikan Alaska. Plotting Our Course I mentioned in my last blog entry that Dent Island is surrounded by rapids. Water flow through these islands happens as th...
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[Kensblog]Starting the season in style – Dent Island Lodge

Arriving by Kenmore Air to our boat at Dent Island Lodge
Greetings all! Roberta and I have now moved aboard the boat for the summer. But, before I get to that, I thought I’d show this picture I snapped when we were home in Seattle for July 4th. July 4 in Seattle It’s a little hard to make out what you are seeing, but it is Lake Union, an inland lake adjacent to the Space Needle in downtown Seattle. Every July 4th a massive fireworks display is launched from a floating barge on the lake. The best place to see the fireworks is from aboard a boat...
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