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[KensBlog] 2017-02 Dent Island to Port McNeil

Sans Souci sitting at Shoal Bay
Greetings all! Roberta and I have started our 2017 cruising season! After a week of spoiling ourselves at Dent Island Lodge (sleeping on the boat but enjoying the resort’s great service and amenities) we started plotting our route to reach the Broughton Islands, near the tip of Vancouver Island, approximately 300 miles south of Ketchikan Alaska. Plotting Our Course I mentioned in my last blog entry that Dent Island is surrounded by rapids. Water flow through these islands happens as th...
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[Kensblog]Starting the season in style – Dent Island Lodge

Arriving by Kenmore Air to our boat at Dent Island Lodge
Greetings all! Roberta and I have now moved aboard the boat for the summer. But, before I get to that, I thought I’d show this picture I snapped when we were home in Seattle for July 4th. July 4 in Seattle It’s a little hard to make out what you are seeing, but it is Lake Union, an inland lake adjacent to the Space Needle in downtown Seattle. Every July 4th a massive fireworks display is launched from a floating barge on the lake. The best place to see the fireworks is from aboard a boat...
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[Kensblog] Testing the use of video in my blog entries – Flying Kenmore Air

Greetings all! I want to experiment with including some video in my blog entries this summer. This is just a quick test of some poorly hacked together video that I shot recently while traveling home from the boat on Kenmore Air. This was strictly a test to see how the video would look on Youtube, and how it would appear in the blog entry. So … don’t expect much…. I spent perhaps 10 minutes on editing, and it shows… My plan is to take the drone with us to the boat and try to get some cool f...
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[kensblog] It’s 2017. What are our cruising plans?

Roberta with our new tender
Greetings all! Roberta and I will be off to a slow start on our cruising this year.   Over a decade ago I was told I needed a new right knee. I ignored the Doctors and the knee got worse. Finally, this year it became obvious that I could delay no further. Knee replacement is not an easy surgery. Actually, I’m not sure there is such a thing as an easy surgery. That said, I found a clinic in St Helena Ca that offered minimally invasive total knee replacement, and on April 26 had the surgery....
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